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1619 Military Orders Field Report

5th of December, 1619 Conscript Broderick Valentine   3rd Mixed Regiment   Their Majesties’ Military Order  


  The 3rd Mixed Regiment had garrisoned within the town of Leyton prior to May 1619, however the freezing of the Levantra pass made passage impossible. My arrival within Leyton, and knowledge thereof, is limited to the time period after our arrival. All further requests for information prior to this time should be directed to the commanding officer of this regiment, Major July Cullens.  

Field Report


Arrival - May 27th, 1619

  Due to significant delays, our caravan arrived within the Homestead of Leyton afternight fall. Leyton was empty, a ghost town. Immediately upon arrival, we were beset by creatures known as the Ahool. The battle was a route, however we were able to retreat with civilians back to a nearby meeting hall and barricade ourselves. A ritual placed wards driving back the creatures into the darkness. During the battle, we linked up with Major Cullens. They informed us that the townspeople were missing. Investigations turned up clues showing the townsfolk suddenly disappeared all at once. Spirits resembling the townsfolk were seen throughout the town.  

The Psionic Esotary

  Mention should be made of the Psionic Esotary. A large orb like structure made from ivory, it has mystical properties. Further investigation should be a priority.  

Investigation - May 28th, 1619

    After unloading caravans and settling in, the guilds took to the investigation of the local area. The wellstone supplies and mines were recovered and secured. Investigation with the Psionic Esotary discovered that utilizing wellstones, one could transfer themselves to a spirit dimension and interact with spirits. A ritual was done to empower several wellstones and activate the Esotary, allowing the 3rd to recover the spirits of the townsfolk and bring them back to Leyton.  

Training - May 29th, 1619

  With significant efforts undertaken, many took to rest and unloading the caravans further. The 3rd began drilling with the Major and setting scouting positions and patrols.    

Summer - 1619

  After the recovery of the Leyton Homestead the 3rd took significant efforts to secure the surrounding area and provide security for caravans, colonists, and the Merriott system. Efforts were taken to begin gathering equipment and supplies to build and train the local militia.  

Esotary Anomaly - September 27th,1619

  After having been dormant for some time, the Esotary activated on its own just prior to the Harvest Festival. The 3rd MR made contact with a foriegn scout who teleported into Leyton using the Psionic Esotary. In addition, the wounded scout was found infested with a parasite known as Snappercites. Unprepared, the 3rd retreated to a barricaded position and instituted a quarantine directed by Dr. Helena. A cure was developed and distributed throughout the weekend.  

Harvest Festival - September 28th, 1619

  Preparations for the Harvest festival took up the time of the 3rd MR. Further investigation found that the scarecrows used as diversions from the Ahool were infested by Snappercites. The Snappercites used their forms as scarecrow bodies and threw themselves against the tavern attempting to infest our food supplies. The 3rd repelled the threat and secured the area. Several tunnels beneath the town were found, being used by the infestations. The 3rd burned the tunnels and any remaining Snappercite hosts.  

Closing Ceremonies - September 29th, 1619

  The 3rd remained on station to provide security for any additional threats. The Harvest Festival ceremonies continued without a hitch.  

2nd MR contact - November 15th, 1619

    A caravan was ambushed by soldiers of the lost 2nd Mixed Regiment. The 3rd MR was deployed in response and the 2nd was repelled, however, the 2nd took captives with them. A rescue mission was mounted and all captives were recovered. Interrogations of the 2nd proved fruitless, however, it was discovered the 2nd Mixed Regiment was being led by an officer they called “The Colonel.” Additional efforts were made to build defensive walls around Leyton.  

Combat - November 16th, 1619

  The 2nd MR sent a force out under a white flag with terms, however, relations quickly soured and a colonist fired a weapon into their party. Several melees took place throughout the day, and each was repelled by the 3rd MR. Field Marshall Urfexa fell in battle against the Colonel. Her honorable sacrifice gave the 3rd MR the chance to capture the field gun being used to barrage the colony and repel the 2nd for the final time. The Colonel escaped using supernatural means. A funeral was held to honor the memory of the Field Marshall. An effort was made to recover captives, and reconnaissance found the gunboat being used by The Colonel to assault the colonies.      

Further Patrols - November 17th, 1619

  The 3rd conducted patrols to find any stragglers of the 2nd MR, recover bodies for honors and burials, and scout threats. The Snappercite menace appears to have persisted from local farms, but their threat was diminished. It is possible there are additional infestations. Caravans were loaded for winter, and half of the 3rd Mixed Regiment returned to Flint while the rest garrisoned Leyton for winter.  




  The Ahool are creatures that merge the shape of a bat and an ape. They stand approximately 4 feet tall on average, but may range in height, with some being significantly larger. Despite their size, the Ahool have noticeable wingspans and can fly in the frantic, quickly paced manner that bats do. The Ahool have large fangs and will seek opportunities to grab unaware victims and plunge their fangs into the victim’s neck. Their large ears give them an exemplary sense of hearing, but make them sensitive to loud noises. The 3rd Mixed Regiment has successfully overloaded their sense of hearing by deploying explosive mining charges. It has been reported that bright lights will have a similar effect, however, Ahool have been encountered consistently during the day, so this may be a rumor. Regardless of their own sensitivities, the Ahool have been found to sound a high-pitched screech when threatened. The screech is so loud it has made several men fall to their knees covering their ears to escape the sound. Possible permanent hearing damage is a risk when encountering Ahool. If you spot a larger Ahool, be cautious. The 3rd Mixed Regiment has encountered a massive Ahool with hide so thick our blades and spears could not dig into it significantly. These creatures have been dubbed “Silverback Ahool,” though some simply call them “Alpha Ahool.” It has been reported that Ahool chase after grain supplies, so it may be possible they have some kind of gathering instinct. In addition, this may indicate they are omnivorous. Recommendation for encountering an Ahool is to retreat, inform the 3rd Mixed Regiment, and utilize mixed infantry including polearms and rifles to keep their numbers at bay.  

An Author

  An author arrived in town and was told several colony secrets. Reports indicate they have possibly escaped the local jailhouse. All guild members should be on the lookout for this escapee.   Ancient Artifacts   Throughout the year, several artifacts were found within Leyton. One such discovery was pottery that predates known history. Upon the pottery was a sigil that was loosely translated by archaeologists as saying “Monster Slayer.” The symbol was similar to one carried by Brandis, one of our members of the 3rd Mixed Regiment. For further information on the subject, contact the Explorer’s Guild.

Azrea, a foreign land beyond the Esotary

  A scout from the land of Azrea teleported into Leyton using the Psionic Esotary as a portal. Azrea's exact location remains a mystery to the Guilds, but there is some evidence to suggest it may be found to the West, further inland. The scout claims to use other gates like the Esotary to travel regularly, and says that Azrea has multiple gates connected in a network. The scout did not know they were traveling here when they entered the Esotary and did not activate it -- their activation seems to be part of Azrea's infrastructure itself. Currently, there is no indication of threat from Azrea, however, there may be an inherent risk to the colony if the Psionic Esotary is used by others in the future.  

Bat Spirit, protector of Leyton

  A spirit known as “Bat” has been encountered in Leyton. Reports indicate Bat is a non-courted spirit who acts as a protector of the homesteads of Leyton. Encounters with the spirit indicate positive interactions. Bat has made it clear that their goal is to keep Leyton and its people safe, and was responsible with keeping the homesteaders safe when the Psionic Esotary activated the first time.  


  Reports indicate encounters with predatory thorned vines named by this writer as “Blood Brambles.” The silent vines slink under the thickets of Leyton searching for prey, grabbing it with sharp thorns and digging in tighter as the prey struggles. It’s likely that the Bloodbrambles use the blood of their victims as nourishment to grow. If caught within the brambles, it is imperative to cut one's way out and retreat from the area as quickly as possible. It may be useful to employ torches or controlled burning against blood bramble thickets. Patrols should make note of any bloodbramble thickets found, as they may be preying on local livestock populations.  

Blood Rituals - Wellstone Empowerment

  Blood rituals have been employed by the local ritualist guild to channel significant amounts of power through ritualistic means. One such ritual was used in the charging of four wellstones. The ritual required four ritualists, four items of great value to the ritualists, four items to represent purity, and four uncharged wellstones. The use of the ritual left each member horrifically scarred, however, the stones were charged. This is not the recommended way to empower the stones, however, it may be useful in an emergency.  

Forester’s Folly

  Reports indicate an encounter with a creature that seems to mimic the appearance of trees native to Leyton, named “Forester’s Folly.” While standing still, it is difficult to tell the difference between the tree creature and any other tree. However, upon inspection, we have found the Forester’s Folly grabbing and consuming an Ahool. Interviews indicate we have only a single sighting of the creature. It was destroyed after it attacked a guild member. Any additional sightings should be reported to the 3rd MR.  


  Reports indicate an encounter with a large domestic feline named “Fluffy” by a local who kept the feline as a pet. The feline appears to be able to produce large tentacle-like appendages from a separating maw it uses as a mouth. The feline once became aggressive and attacked a few members of the 3rd MR, dealing an incredible amount of damage in the process. Eventually, the feline was captured and returned to its owner. It is not suggested to give the feline herbs similar to “Catnip” as it may cause the creature to hallucinate. It is suggested to use alchemical items such as strong adhesives to get the creature under control. If any more information can be found on the feline or its owner, please report to the 3rd Mixed Regiment.  


Reports indicate several encounters with large, inflamed boar creatures known as “Incendiboars.” Incendiboars seem to be able to spray a fire-like material from their bodies to fend off predators. As all boars, they can be aggressive, particularly when their children are endangered. Avoid Incendiboars if possible and bring water or shovels if they are found in close proximity.  

Meriott System

  The Meriott system is a series of Semaphore towers constructed between Leyton and Flint to convey messages quickly from one homestead to another. Reports indicate that 2nd Mixed Regiment soldiers have been tampering with these towers and using them to send false messages. Further questions on the Merriott system and its usage should be directed to the Adjutant.

Leyton Device

  The Psionic Esotary is a large spherical object, possibly made from ivory, that dominates the landscape of Leyton. The Esotary has several mystical properties that appear to be powered by Wellstones. The Esotary was discovered by townspeople of Leyton within the local Wellstone mines and dragged to the surface. When activated, it shows properties of teleportation. It has been noted to move physical objects, harm several colonists, teleport several colonists into a dream-like dimension, and teleport a foriegn scout. The interaction involving stranding colonists within another plane of reality was noted as having been a partial or incomplete activation of the device. After studies, it was noted that the primary purpose of the device is to transport people or objects over long distances. The Psionic Esotary is said to be connected to a land known as Azrea. To activate the Esotary, one must use two charged wellstones and channel power through the use of rituals. Theories suggest that the Esotary is connected to a large network of additional Esotaries. Theories also suggest that the Esotary is related to the disappearance of the two prior colonies, however, the appearance of the 2nd MR may call this into question. Opinions vary between what should be done of the device. Some believe it should be destroyed, some believe it should be sealed away, and others believe that it poses little threat apart from what may be on the other side of the networks.  


  Reports indicate encounters with large rock-like creatures known as “Slumboulders.” These creatures react more to sound than movement, so it may be possible they are blind. It has been reported they may explode upon their demise. It is suggested that sneaking past any slumboulders may be preferable to confronting them.


  Reports tell of sightings of a creature known as the “Snallygaster.” Little is known of the creature beyond reports that the creature may be able to shoot fire from its eyes. Additional sightings should be reported to the 3rd MR.


  Reports indicate several encounters with plant/insect hybrid parasites known as “Snappercites.” Snappercites enter into the body of their victims through various means, including touch or projectile vomit of an infested subject. Infestation can be cured through poisoning a subject with lead and waiting for the parasite to leave its host through precut incisions. There is no solid information if the first subject who was infested has been cured. Many theories surround the Snappercites. There is speculation the Snappercites are a kind of hive mind. Other speculation points towards hosts of the parasite having a kind of paranormal strength and endurance, including the regeneration of the host’s wounds. There are additional theories that the Snappercites and their hosts are more significantly affected by cold and fire. Additional research is needed.


  This writer is unfamiliar with spirits and their ways, however, the spirits in the new world seem to be far more potent. This report may bear inaccurate information, however, it was written with the input of local experts. The spirits of the new world are far reaching, possibly omnipresent. The spirits appear to be within animals throughout the world. Many creatures relate to a single spirit, as an elk may relate to the deer spirit. However, there also may be more spirits that are not part of the spirit decks, such as Bat. Each creature, in theory, has part of a spirit within it. The spirits are divided into seven courts dependent on their themes or personalities. It is theorized that the spirits are much like mortals in their personalities and thought processes. As such, when interacting with spirits, each needs to be approached as such. Spirits have a possibility of manifesting in physical forms. Dog and Grasshopper are spirits that have been reported to manifest physically. Dog has been noted as being an “Aspect” of the spirit Coyote. It is theorized that “Aspects” take on a level of mortality to influence the material world. In addition, reports show elemental spirits manifesting physically. Rituals can be used to guard against or repel spirits that may pose danger to colonists. Some rituals create a protective circle as a ward, others create anchors to bind spirits to a spot. Spirit binding is a ritual being used by current colonists to more closely associate themselves with their patron spirit. This spirit is used in the old world to bind Faedin with the spirits, however, it seems to have a significant effect in Leyton and the other colonies. Spiritbinding causes the subject of the ritual to manifest physical traits of the spirit they enter the union with. There have been events associated with side effects of spirit binding where the subject may be corrupted by the spirit, however, ritualists believe this to not be an effect of spirit binding, but rather some other complications.  

Strange Totems of Leyton

  Several Totems were found in May, 1619 within Leyton. A ritualist known as Katorkin interacted with these objects. Upon interaction, the ritualist switched bodies with a member of the 3rd MR. Theories with these symbols range, but one is that the symbol is an 8th element, one opposite to Qi. After doing so, the totems ceased from appearing. Further investigation may be needed.

Their Majesties’ Military Orders and its history

  Three regiments of the Military Orders have been sent out to the new world to attempt colonization. Currently, knowledge indicates that the first attempt, along with the 1st Mixed Regiment, was destroyed. The first attempt at colonization was largely a civilian-focused effort. The second attempt was entirely a military endeavor. At the helm of the event was “The Fox,” a Colonel, leading the 2nd Mixed Regiment. Current rumors dictate that the 2nd Mixed Regiment simply disappeared, however, that is false. The 2nd Mixed Regiment has been surviving off the land and at some point became corrupted through starvation and several efforts by the Colonel to indoctrinate her followers. Attempts were made to negotiate fairly with the 2nd MR, however, it appeared the Colonel may have been simply probing our defenses. The Colonel’s abilities appear to be supernatural, using devices to repel efforts to scry, placing magical defensive barriers, quickly tunneling infiltration routes, and retreating through the earth when defeated. The 3rd Mixed Regiment arrived with their civilian counterparts when the colony of Flint was established. The 3rd Mixed Regiment was formerly led by Field Marshall Urfexa. This information is sensitive, and should not be spread to the layperson of the colony.


  Mined in local Leyton mines, Wellstones are refined stones that are potential conduits for ritualistic energy to release at a later time or in large quantities at once. Wellstones can be charged through a slow, safe ritual or quickly through the use of dangerous blood rituals with large numbers of ritualists.


  Articles in the Anecdotes and Observations category are written by people who are experiencing the events. They may not know the whole truth or may not be telling the whole truth.

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