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Sekiguchi Yuu

関口 悠宇

The smidgeon of ki inside him is stable. You may allow him more.
— Sekiguchi Yuu
Despite being one of the most talented healers in the Kansai region, Sekiguchi is reclusive. He only works through referrals, since he can't pose as a human without assistance. His magic ability is almost strictly focused on healing. Privacy is important to him. He keeps a low profile to stay out of the media.   
Take on a new student. He's getting older and wants someone to pick up the teaching for him, so he can do more in-depth research to combine modern medicine with magic.
The Nakamura family has been his major set of patrons for 3 centuries. They protect him and provide human guises as needed.


Willing to heal anyone. (He just has to stay out of public view.)
Even if the situation is dire, he is the calm in the storm. His bedside manner is second to none.
Easily designates by identifying helpers and giving them suitable tasks to help with his work.
Willful. He does not work well alongside others. Works best in groups when he is in charge.
Is a little too blunt with anyone that is not his patient.
Blames himself if the healing is not successful.
Gives criticism, whether it is asked for or not.
Will eat all the cucumbers in his vicinity, even if they are not his.


Loves cucumbers and eggplant
Grows rare bioluminescent plants to keep them from extinction
Learning new healing techniques in the human sphere and combining them with his traditional and magic ones.
Bland Foods
Too much sunshine—it's bad for his skin.
Shinto, but finds other beliefs fascinating


Studied healing under the Kappa clans from the Tokyo area. Then shared his knowledge with the kappa around Kyoto. He was the first to travel outside of his area.

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Blue and scaly skinned.
His form resembles a long-legged turtle.
His shell is solid and the dome in his skull sloshes with water.
Missing a toe on his left foot due to an unfortunate encounter with a trapper.
~350 (His mother was killed when he was a hatchling. He learned about the concept of time later and can't be sure of the year he was born.)
May 6 ( Taurus )
Meyers Briggs
Playing the Shakuhachi
Writing and reciting Haiku

Appears In:

Liminal Chronicles Series bookcover art by Odette.A.Bach and text by Amy Winters-Voss. Short story bookcovers by Amy Winters-Voss

Character Portrait image: Sekiguchi Yuu (a Kappa) by Amy Winters-Voss


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Oct 8, 2020 22:37 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

'Will eat all the cucumbers in his vicinity, even if they are not his.' Not the cucumbers!!!   His portrait is adorable. <3 I really like the sound of him as a character. It's sad he blames himself when healing is not successful. :(

Oct 17, 2020 02:09 by Amy Winters-Voss

Hide the eggplant too. (No one has caught him yet snitching those.)   Thank you. I needed something fun there and all the historic ones were not cute at all!   His failures haven't stymied him. They just make him all the more determined to help the next person with the same conditions.

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