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Control of another being.  

Repeated domination of an unwilling victim makes it easier for the caster to control the victim—eventually to the point the victim has no will in the vicinity of the caster.


For willing subjects, their will can be strengthened and they can learn to resist the control.

When enacted, an invisible control thread extends from the caster’s fingers and snakes it’s way to connect the the subject’s spine. Then a battle of wills ensues.

If the caster's will is stronger, the caster takes control of the subject's body. The subject is aware of being controlled, so the possession/domination, unless it’s consensual, is traumatic.


A common magic skill among Kitsune who are disreputable or have been wronged.

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Ki Usage

Running multiple threads can only be managed by those born with magical abilities.

More than a few is extremely rare.
Domineering a being.

Training a new magic user in the possibilities and usage of magic.

Training a subject how to resist this form of control.
Those with magical abilities can cast the ability to see the threads.

Those with inborn magic naturally see them.

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