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Tree Spirits. Their name is synonymous with the word for echo since they pass on the sounds they wish to hear again.   They may or may not allow you to see them. If they show themselves it can be as a glowing misshapen orb (like a wisp) or a tiny ghostly-white humanoid head. On occasion, they'll sprout limbs.   They speak with a series of chirps, creaks, and echos. Making friends comes easily to them and they know every creature in their surrounding area.   Trees that are determined to have kodama are siginified with a rope and paper chain around them. They're usually very old trees.  


Usually kodama stay in the vicinity of their tree, not tending to use their own energy for locomotion. Some say the creatures are lazy. From a tree spirit’s perspective using others for movement is common sense. It takes them tremendous energy to fly and leave their tree.
Kodama will commandeer a being, directing them much like how a human rides a horse. The little spirits like to ride on the top of the head.   If a kodama decides you will be its beast of burden it’s best to humor them. They can be quite persistent, grabbing a hold of locks of hair but turning too incorporeal to shoo away. Since they need their tree, you won't be detoured long.

Civilization and Culture

Common Taboos

Cutting down a kodama's tree comes with a hefty curse.
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Kodama by Amy Winters-Voss
Conservation Status
the name for this species sounds very similar to the word Kotodama. They do have the last part of the word in common though, tama/dama = spirit.

Appears In:

Liminal Chronicles Series bookcover art by Odette.A.Bach and text by Amy Winters-Voss. Short story bookcovers by Amy Winters-Voss

Cover image: by Odette.A.Bach (Art), AWV (text)
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Author's Notes

Loosely based on Japanese kodama legends.

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