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The Arrowhead's Maker


An arrowhead will always hunger for the hand that created it. An arrowhead must never be used by another unless specifically given it by the creator. Otherwise, knowing it was loosed by a hand that didn't make it, it will cause the arrow to turn around and fire instead on the hand that fired it.   If one uncovers an arrowhead in the soil, it should be dealt with accordingly. Either by burying, crushing, or burning it. It is said that an arrowhead will search for the hand that made it, and if the maker has passed on and is under the soil, it will continue to hunt until the end of days, killing all but consuming none.   When a hunter dies, all the arrowheads that can be located are to be buried alongside them. When the bodies are exhumed, the arrowheads remain with the hand.

Historical Basis

The myth originated to deter people from robbing battlegrounds for supplies, but evolved into mythos surrounding the relationship between an arrow and their creator. This myth has been used as explanation for assassinations and raids.


The myth originally spread from Sirus and it moved outward to other Centaur tribes. It has even spread to some Human tribes in Yajemir.

Variations & Mutation

There is some variation in the methods of both gifting arrowheads to another, and how to destroy arrowheads found in the soil. Firstly, the method of gifting arrowheads in Yajemir is almost ceremonial. The arrowheads are taken off their arrows and sharpened, and passed via a handshake. In Alia, it is done anonymously. Words are spoken from the maker onto the arrowheads and they are placed in the collection of the new owner.

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