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The average citizen of Elcaryn is somewhat wealthier than the average Nephmiri citizen, has at least some formal education, and works as a merchant, craftsman, or governmental position. A higher percentage of those who live in Elcaryn are immigrants than in the rest of Nephemir, making up 2.3% of the permanent residents of the city. At any given time, however, the percentage of immigrants within the city is much higher, as Elcaryn is a popular stop-off along the Iaria Trade Route, though these are mostly not permanent residents, but instead travelers.   The average resident is Treist, though Baqism also has a sizable following within the city. The percentage of Treist citizens is lower than the rest of Nephemir, but the city still boasts a lavish Treist temple in the middle of the city.


Elcaryn is not only the capital of Nephemir, but its political center as well. The head of each house has an office within the city, though they may not reside there.   While Elcaryn itself does not technically sit within any of the three holds but instead on the border where they meet, Elcaryn's laws reflect those of the acting monarch's hold. This means the taxation and laws within the city can change drastically on quite short notice.


The inner city is protected by stone walls with eleven gates. Each gate is bordered by guardhouses and has the ability to close in short notice. The palace sits on the northeast side of the city with another set of walls and an additional gate. The only way into the palace's courtyard is from within the city. Likewise, this gate is heavily guarded and has the ability to close for security.


Boasting one of the most developed water systems in the nation, Elcaryn enjoys rather advanced sewage and irrigation systems. Roads are paved and well-maintained.


Elcaryn was a rather sizable city because of the Iaria Trade Route and the river that passes directly by the city, but it did not become the capital until 1548, when The Adyra Family established the new monarchy and governmental system. Elcaryn was chosen because of its trade potential and central location, and the borders of Nephemir's holds were drawn so that Elcaryn would sit where they intersect.


Most residential properties are constructed using wood, thatch, and plaster, which are all readily available in the area. Official buildings, bridges, and walls are constructed of more expensive but more durable stone.

Natural Resources

Much of Elcaryn is surrounded by farmland that makes the most use of the rolling hills around the city. Primary crops are grains and vegetables. Southwest of the city is a valley where residents can cut down trees for wood.
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Inhabitant Demonym
Queen Irihaal
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