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Callia Vitani

Callia Rose Vitani (a.k.a. The Seer)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Moderately physically fit

Facial Features

Soft and feminine facial features

Identifying Characteristics

Has piebaldism and has white patches on her skin, most notably her forehead and around her left eye, which is ice blue

Special abilities

Callia has studied for much of her life in Forseeing, a type of Divination Magic. This allows her to see glimpses of what will happen in the future.

Apparel & Accessories

Callia tends to choose bright, saturated colors in her wardrobe

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Callia was born and raised within a temple in the capital city of Alia, spending very little time outside the temple’s walls. While she was content with her life there and the opportunities the temple gave her, she couldn't help but wonder what life outside the temple's walls was like. She studied until the age of twenty-two, rising in the ranks towards becoming a high priestess.   However, one day a man arrived at the temple and her life changed drastically. He was in search of a traveling companion. Callia volunteered and left the temple just one day later with him. She posed as his wife and they traveled to various areas around The Fidean Empire.   At the end of the month, Callia realized her affection was no longer an act. She asked for her parents' blessing to leave the temple. Her father complied, but her mother refused. Regardless, she left the temple and moved in with Nicabar, who later became her fiance.


Studied history and magic extensively at the temple


Formerly worked as a priestess in the temple of the capital city of Alia, then briefly worked for the general Nicabar Vizius posing as his wife while traveling. However, now she knits casually and sells her crafts.

Accomplishments & Achievements

She is quite successful for her age and not only knows what she wants, but is also on her way to achieving her goals. She is quite happy and contented in her current situation.

Failures & Embarrassments

Though she is happy and is working toward what she wants in life, she does feel some level of guilt for leaving the temple, even if she'd never chosen that life for herself. Her mother's disapproval has always weighed heavily on her.

Intellectual Characteristics

Social, optimistic, and determined

Morality & Philosophy

Callia has a tendency to side with those who align with her own beliefs and identity automatically without really examining both sides. She has a tendency to believe what is told to her by authority figures without question, and accepts these as absolute truths.


Though she rarely lets on, she is somewhat self-conscious about her piebaldism since she realized that is not the norm and she prefers others not bring it up.

Personality Characteristics


Callia is well on her way to her goal of having a large family with a successful husband who she loves. She enjoys following him on his travels and exploring the world with him.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Callia is skilled at reading people and situations, and has great emotional intelligence. Can be naive about new situations at times.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes crowds, anything new, the outdoors, and travel. Dislikes social tension.

Virtues & Personality perks

Socially adept, curious and confident

Vices & Personality flaws

Can be somewhat naive and gullible, and can be overly sensitive at times. She accepts things that are told to her by authority figures without really questioning them.


Detests being dirty, always feels the need to remain clean


Contacts & Relations

Engaged to Nicabar Vizius, an up and coming general in the Fidean army. Also has close ties to the largest Warhist temple in The Fidean Empire.

Family Ties

Her parents both serve at the Warhism in Alia’s capital city. Has two siblings, one of who also works at the temple and another who is studying at the capital’s college. She visits her family at the temple every month or so, and her brother at the college more often in the city.

Religious Views

Warhist, but also closely affiliated with Mautism.

Social Aptitude

Confident and extroverted, Callia thrives with others, especially in large groups. She has been trained in proper etiquette and tends to be popular with others for her polite nature and positive, energetic attitude.


Talks with her hands, and usually speaks energetically. Often speaks in metaphor and allegory.

Hobbies & Pets

Callia's familiar is a spectacled owl called Bahi, who she has had for several years. They have a wonderful relationship and she goes almost everywhere with her. She has a specially made leather spaulder for her to sit on so she can still have use of both of her hands. Interestingly enough, this spaulder is dyed jet black, contrasting drastically with the rest of her bright and colorful wardrobe. However, this is because of the failed attempt of Callia's fiance, Nicabar, to dye the leather a vibrant shade of color.   She enjoys knitting and stargazing, especially in the summer. She enjoys doing mundane activities outside - such as eating, reading, etc. - despite her luxurious home.

Wealth & Financial state

Moderately wealthy, not only on her own merit but also because of her fiance, Nicabar. She currently resides in the guest house on his estate, enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.

Callia Portrait
Callia by Leechy
Year of Birth
1621 24 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Callia was born to two powerful Divination mages in the capital of Alia
Current Residence
Biological Sex
One deep brown eye and one ice blue eye
Dense, ink-black hair worn long and natural
Skin Tone
Dark sepia toned skin with white patches, most significantly on her forehead
140 lbs
Other Affiliations

Personality Type

ESFJ - The Provider
People with the ESFJ personality type are the stereotypical extroverts. They are social butterflies, and their need to interact with others and make people happy usually ends up making them popular. The ESFJ usually tends to be the cheerleader or sports hero in high school and college. Later on in life, they continue to revel in the spotlight, and are primarily focused on organizing social events for their families, friends and communities. ESFJ is a common personality type and one that is liked by many people.   ESFJs are the life of the party. They like being the center of attention but they also like listening to what other people have to say. More than just sharing a chat and a laugh, ESFJs like hearing about their friends’ relationships and activities. They remember little details that their loved ones tell them, and they are always ready to listen with warmth and genuine sensitivity. If there is discord among members of their group, ESFJs do whatever they can to restore harmony.   Externally focused, the ESFJ personality type is more concerned with outward appearances than internal conflicts. Rather than pondering on politics and existentialism, they are more interested in gossip, fashion, beauty, and maintaining their social status. While that can seem superficial, they try their utmost to use their social status and appearance for good and the well-being of other people.   Being the true altruists that they are, ESFJs try to always do the right thing. The right thing for ESFJs, however, is based on what tradition and communal morality dictate. ESFJs don’t base their choices on what could be deemed as philosophically true; rather, they believe that whatever authority figures say is the absolute truth. Because of their black-and-white view of the world, ESFJs can fall into the trap of closing themselves off from other people of different beliefs and backgrounds simply because other individuals’ perceptions are not the same as theirs. Knowing this, ESFJs should realize that “different” does not mean “wrong,” and that other people’s views should not be shunned simply because they are not the same as theirs.   Their love for people and socialization naturally places ESFJs in positions of power. They love being seen as role models. ESFJs thrive in leadership roles as long as their genuine need to serve is appreciated by those in their care. People with the ESFJ personality type have to be cautious not to feel hurt or rejected should they feel like their ideas aren’t listened to or their need to socialize is not reciprocated. While other people may hesitate to take on the role of “Queen Bee” or “Prom King,” ESFJs take on these roles with much gusto, especially since they put deep importance in hierarchy, stability and order. ESFJs do their utmost to make sure that the pecking order of their group persists, especially if they are leaders of their groups.   Sensitivity is the greatest obstacle for an ESFJ to overcome. In order to fully live out their roles in whatever group they belong to, ESFJs should focus on being the best role models they can be, and understand that while not everyone may agree with them, the members of their group appreciate all their efforts.   Personality trait descriptions from Personality Perfect

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Cover image: Herd of Piebald Deer by USFWS


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