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Sovereign God Are (a.k.a. Leveler of Mountains)

Divine Domains

Fire, water, earth, and air

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A dragon, flames, rings

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To spread his influence to the entirety of Lathai

Physical Description

Body Features

Most of Are's body is a light teal with flecks of gold and white. Long tufts of hair frame his serpentine face, jawline, elbows, and tail. The rest of his body is covered completely by large, shining scales.

Special abilities

As the god and father of evocation magic, Are has complete control over earth, fire, water, and air. He can control the weather, cause earthquakes, drain oceans, and anything else within his domain.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Are's following was initially quite small. His worshipers were under near-constant threat from Kaika and her necromantic cults in what is now the central area of The Fidean Empire. The most popular gods in the Third Era were, without doubt, Kaika and Sote. Kaika's empire was expanding, and Are feared he would be snuffed out.   It was here that Are broke his first rule. Prenerin, upon creation of the world, set out several rules for he and the other gods to follow. One of these rules was to never outright lie to the Humans. On the brink of death, Are told his followers that the only way to escape the underworld was to serve a god so faithfully that they would give their life without question. He made promises. Convert and he would create a lake in an arid region, make the oceans recede, create trade winds. All once he had the power and worshipers necessary to do so.   Though he was breaking the rules, Prenerin decided to ignore him since he had been in a dangerous situation when he committed those crimes. Then he attacked Drovka. Though pitting their worshipers against each other was nothing new, Are pushed things even further when he commanded his worshipers to light the temple ablaze. Drovka, who had largely not been participating in the wars, withdrew even further to The Northern Reach because of this betrayal.   Now that he had broken not one but two rules, Prenerin spoke to Are, reminding him of the rules they had all decided on when they created the Humans. Are, feeling more powerful now than he ever had, declared war on Prenerin himself. No longer was his goal to expand his territory, but to completely destroy Prenerin. He enlisted the help of Kaika, promising to create new lands for her to inundate with life, and Sote, promising to craft new trade routes for him. They agreed, and a powerful trifecta was formed.   Prenerin, who, like Drovka, had taken a more passive approach approach to these conflicts, stood little chance. One after another, his temples fell until only two remained. The one temple he couldn't find, he convinced Kaika to destroy with pestilence. The one temple he couldn't reach, he convinced Sote to transport his troops to. Prenerin was no more, and Are could continue without fear of repercussion.   However, Are continued expanding. His troops expelled Kaika from the southern portion of what is now the main landmass in The Fidean Empire. Sote, seeing this betrayal, also withdrew his support.   Are, having lost his partners, forged two new alliances, though this time he was the one holding the power. Isyn and Alerah, who were in a dangerous position were happy to aid Are in return for security within the largest empire on Lathai.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Are went from being a god on the brink of death to the most powerful force on Lathai. He has shaped the face of the world and created powerful alliances. He is in the most secure position a god could be in.

Failures & Embarrassments

Though he is powerful now, he lacked the strength to perform great miracles for much of his life. Because of this, most of his followers are new, and he lacks the deep-seated adoration that other gods have in certain areas.

Intellectual Characteristics

Are is cunning, ambitious, and relentless

Morality & Philosophy

While Are realizes the damage he has done to the other gods, he's justified his actions because he has never gone back on his promises to his followers. He has sculpted Lathai to give it convenient trade routes and roads.

Personality Characteristics


Though Are wants to expand his influence, he also genuinely wants to better the world for humanity as well.

Vices & Personality flaws

While he does genuinely want to aid humanity, he also feels no guilt in demanding things from return. He has enjoyed luxurious conditions since his rise to power, and feel no guilt in taking from his followers, nor sending them to spread his influence.

“You still haven’t bestowed magic on your people? Your own trusted acolyte? Why do you hate them so, Prenerin?”
-Are, Prologue
Divine Classification
Blue and black
Long, dense tufts of hair namely on the legs, head, and tail
125 ft.
65,000 lbs
Related Myths

Current Residence

Though Are has a lot of territory to choose from, he generally prefers to spend his days in The Fidean Empire. The palace of the Emperor is technically a temple, and has a dedicated wing to Are within which he spends most of his time.   The room dedicated to him is made completely of marble and designed for him to have easy maneuverability. Considering his size, it is no surprise that this room is massive, boasting nearly 300-foot tall ceilings and massive pillars also made of marble. The room is about 500 feet long and 150 feet wide to allow free movement for the massive dragon. There are several open archways, acting as exits and entrances. These face west, giving Are a dramatic view of the coast and sunset.  

Fidean Coast

Coast of Mendocino County by Rennett Stowe

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Cover image: Natrix natrix Schuppen (Modified) by Dirk Godlinski


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