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The populated regions of Kralle are earthlike in many ways, if not slightly colder. Mankind is sequestered within The Ring, a temperate wooded area unique for the noose-shaped ring of mountains that enclose the major human settlements, hence the name of the region.   A small savanna to the north separates the temperate Ring from the White Steppe, an expansive desert-like region where some scattered human tribes coexist with the ferocious drakes .   To the south of the Ring is the Sagewood, a dense tropical rainforest that houses the ancient and knowledgeable Wisebirds.   Looming in the east at the end of the Ring's noose-line is the Precipice, a sheer and intimidating mountain.

Fauna & Flora

In this world, men share their land with various avian creatures. The lush Sagewood to the south houses the sagacious Wisebirds, while the fearsome drakes roam the White Steppe to the north. The Ring is home to a wide variety of birds, varying in size from the thumb-sized sparrow to the monstrous, bear-sized Lancebills and Great Rooks.

Natural Resources

The feathers and bones of the Great Rook are virtually indestructible, making them excellent building materials and a valuable resource across the galaxy. That aside, the Ring and Sagewood offer no shortage of wood, and the great number of massive birds on the planet make for prime poultry cuisine.

Included Locations

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