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Jaziel Sea

The Jaziel Sea is a large body of salt water between the west coasts of Sefia, Daehrius, and Frith. Its usefulness as a common connecting body between the three continents makes it an ideal medium for trade and a vital component of Kralle's economy.


The Jaziel Sea is fairly shallow, especially when compared to the open ocean; it reaches only approximately 4,600km (approximately 15,000 feet) at its deepest point. It is fairly young, geologically speaking, and the seafloor toward the center is constantly being replaced, as the Jaziel Sea lies on the Sefia-Frithian faultline. As one might expect, the sea is also historically fairly volcanically active, though it hasn't seen much activity since the eruption of the Ring about 10,000 years ago. Some of its coasts are slightly brackish due to outflowing rivers, such as the Patera River, leading to interesting and unique ecosystems.

Fauna & Flora

The fish of the Jaziel Sea are fairly generic salt water fish. Jaziel tuna are quite large and ubiquitous, and as a result are widely fished. The sea is also host to a number of seabirds, some brave, as well as penguins. It is the only known natural habitat to Sea Drakes, though it appears they have begun to migrate southward outward to the oceanic fringes in recent times.   The coastal flora of the sea is mediterannean in nature and not incredibly unique. During the spring, runoff from the Ring washes nutrient-rich Daehrian soil into the sea via the Patera River, which kicks off an immense algal bloom. This algal bloom extends exponentially until the algae outdemands the supplied nutrients and sunlight, at which point productivity drops starkly. However, springtime is an integral period for the sea, and it's during this time that sea drakes and brave seabirds are most active. Trade tapers off in the spring as the sea becomes increasingly dangerous to navigate.

Natural Resources

Jaziel Sea fisheries are highly productive, particularly tuna ones. Fish from the Jaziel Sea are a major food source for brave birds, both domesticated and wild. Humans have developed a strong taste for it as well, though it is significantly more expensive than poultry. Seaweed is also a staple of some Sifa diets, particularly within the Sifa Republic. The sea's molluscs are considered delicacies and are enjoyed widely in coastal towns.

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