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DESIGNATION: The Morion King


  The transient entity, widely regarded as per the titular monicker, has been last observed in Silcheión below Qarternachi on the 22nd day of the 11th month of 51 3E by three members of the 50th Century of the Fóian Legion on the premises of the town. As per Concordat documents of the Q.B.A.I. , its appearance remains constant since previous observations.   The seemingly humanoid entity stands at roughly the size of an adult man, its composure is lanky and dessicated, its flesh apparently charred black, embraced in a rough and tattered cloak of similar colouration. It can be confirmed, that this entity's head is, indeed, that of a goat's skull - such descriptions are to be no longer considerer a mere rumour. Upon closer approach, the entity could be heard seemingly conversing with itself in a voice curiously undulating between male and female tones, seemingly at random, yet its words were unintelligible.   It has been observed walking about the post-battle scene of Silcheión, mainly remaining about the seared gargantuan beastly skeleton lodged in the building of the tavern. The entity could be seen picking away at its shattered skull, before promptly abandoning the area upon noticing the group of Legionnaires.  

Quote from Leg. 50th RQ Sólenón Rébistreichón

"That beastly creature knew we were there all along. It's just gawked our way with that eyeless skull, all smoking, twitching and overall distorted, and shambled away. Can't say I've slept since."   The entity seems to have either been a direct cause, or at the very least a clear participant in the devastating skirmish at Silcheión. Nigh all of the soldiers to have perished in said battle have been found in a charred and skeletal state, lacking any recognizable remnants of flesh, and the very bones that did remain, have been in places heavily damaged. As for the gargantuan beastly remains - upon closer inspection, they appear to have been constructed not from common bone, as can be found in animal and man, but from a bonemeal-like substance, which began to quickly fall apart and disperse into the wind. When members of the 12th Century arrived to remove the remains from the scene the following day for further research, they have already been annihilated by the rain the previous night.  

MK Directive IV

  The current location of the entity is unknown. As a potential threat to the consistency of the True Concordat, it must be, however, detained, and if it refuses to cooperate, destroyed. Yet, the abilities of this entity are a mystery as well, and so highest precaution must be made that no more lives are lost as were at Silcheión.   It is of high importance that the Paerthí do not gain hold of the entity first - it is imperative that as many Legionnaires are dispatched as the Tsildur of Fóias can spare.   Further notes on speculated real identity pending. Qanarín necklace unconfirmed.  


  Qétarche Pernástri of the Q.B.A.I.

Q.B.A.I. scholar sketch as per witness description

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