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51 3E

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Karkaryon is what remains of a world long gone, a shard shattered off the primordial rock, a mere pebble left to wander the void unending, stabilised upon its trajectory by means unknown, an artificial Sun and Moon accompany this wayward sliver on its forlorn journey.   Settled upon its surface is a civilisation comprised of several lands and regions, a vignette far removed from glories past, these people are rather primitive, yet despite the all-devouring annihilation brought by time, they have managed to rebuild what once was deemed lost - a future. A future set within the fertile river valleys, in the rocky highlands and atop the snowy peaks of the bordering mountains.   The earliest history is over a thousand years old, all before that - but a haze, a blinding sleet preventing any curious ventures into the bowels of the past.   The western half of the landmass is occupied by the human bastion - the True Concordat, a treaty which brought renaissance after years of conflict, a resurrection of values long gone, excavated from ancient texts, in the image of which civilisation was restored.   Yet now enmity stirs within the lands of the Concordat as the Paerthí, the remnants of the very first nation to establish itself upon Karkaryon, seek to wrestle control of the treaty from the hands of Qarion, the mightiest of the nations, all the while far in the eastern infertile barren ashlands that, which toppled this world long ago, reawakens.