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Silver Leaf Distillery

Based in the western side of Grayton's Lot, not far from the docks, the Silver Leaf Distillery is one of the perveyor's of fine spirits for all of Karenth Centralis, Continent of. While stills exist throughout the Known World, the Silver Leaf Distillery makes some of the finest of the hard liquors in the world.   Silver Leaf is not the only manufacturer of liquor in Grayton's Lot, it does produce whiskey, bourbon, ale, mead, and Torin, a unique liquor made from fermented taftra. Throughout the city people make mead, ale, beer, other malt beverages, and even highly distilled alcohol, Silver Leaf is the premier still.   Known mostly for their Silver Leaf Bourbon, the liquor is only made as one batch per year due to the size of the batch and the amount of room it takes to actually produce. The batch is then aged for 3 years, and if a batch should be bad, the price of all the other available batches increases by at least 25%.   Solivin's Respite and Fare in Ironholm is known to always have various offerings from Silver Leaf's available. This is often done by sending apprentices off to Grayton's Lot to procure casks, kegs, or barrels of liquor. It is often assumed, and rightly so, that Solivin setup a personal agreement to always get a certain amount of the alcohol or have first right of refusal should it be necessary.   In reality, Solivin Dorsted is part owner of the Silver Leaf Distillery along with a pair of brothers, Damon and Yori Swift, elves who have long run the still with the help of numerous employees.
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