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Solivin's Respite and Fare

Solivin's Respite and Fare is the only tavern and inn located within the city limits of Ironholm. It is owned by the modest Solivin Dorsted, leader of the mysterious Order of Eight.


Solivin's Respite and Fare is built with the same motif as many of Ironholm other buidlings. It is a white plastered building with dark beam contrution visible from both the inside and outside. It is however quita a bit larger than inns located in a town as small os Ironholm.   The main floor has a great room able to house well over one hundred patrons and staff comfortably as well as a stage large enough for most plays to be performed on it if necessary. In the center of the room is a huge fire pit, usually stoked, capable of cooking two or three large animals simultaneously. This pit also heats much of the building, but it is not the only fireplace in the buildinger. Behind the bar, which houses a great many spirits and tankards of ale, is a doorway leading into a large kitchen. The kitchen has 3 fires going at any given point in time, one for cooking, one for heating water for cleaning and the third to heat a large steel tank of water used for the baths. Beyond the kitchen is a sizable storeroom containing stairs down to the cellar.   The cellar is the size of the entire main floor with a huge stone column in one section. At the top of the column is the fire pit mentioned above for the main floor. At the far side of the room from the column is the wine collection, one of the finest in all of modern Karenth. Near the shelves of wine are tankards of ale, beer, lager, and mead. Closer into the room, hanging from the ceiling, are many cuts of meat in various stages of preperation and preservation. Throughout the room are various crates and barrels of different types of vegetables, grains, and fruits.   Above the main floor is the common sleeping room where travellers can get a bed for the night alongside the other travellers. At one side of the floor is also a large room with 4 bathtubs fed from the hot water tank below. The tubs are all seperated with partions and doors into smaller rooms allowing for privacy from the other people in the room.   The top floor contains several rooms of varying sizes and configurations for the wealthier patrons to rent out as needed. All are well maintained and kept clean by the staff.   The owner has a small room in the far back corner of this floor where he and his wife Abetha Dorsted live.

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