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Crater of Aeoc-Dur

Far to the east of the main continent in Karenth lies a huge crater, almost 100 miles accross and 2 miles deep. It is perfectly round and cut out of the surrounding forest. The land was a desert for a long time, but since then, it has started to harbor new species of creatures tainted by radiation from the crater.   The lands are no longer desert as much of the surrounding vegitation from the forests have once again begun to grow in the area. Grasses, shrubs, bushes, and trees fill the cratered area along with magical creatures and tained wildlife which have spent to much time there.   One of the most notable types of creatures now living in the crater are the Ents of Aeoc-Dur. The ents grew from the long fossilized seeds left in the rocks eons ago and germinated by the magics that destroyed the area. Much of the flora of this area came about in the same way. As this was the case, many of the species are unknown in the world as their ancestors went extict millions of years earlier.   The ents have become the caretakers of the region and more than capable of fighting of invaders. With their vast intelligence and skill with magics combined with their size and strength, there are few who can match them in combat, or chess.   The flora in the area appear in different colors. Instead of the common green of most plants, the plants of the crater often have leaves of yellow, purples, reds, and blues. Their flower petals are often long and scythe or blade shaped.   The crater radiates immense amounts of magic to anyone who can see it, and anyone casting any spell to see the aura of magic is likely to be blinded for a few minutes as a result.   SPOILER!
The Crater of Aeoc-Dur was created when one of the fully charged experimental Karenthian Batteries exploded. The creators of the battery realized the need to install a "pressure valve" to release excess stored magic after they leveled the entire city, and surrounding lands.

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