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The Constables are a policing and adjudicating organization widely accepted throughout the known world. They are known for dealing with legal issues as they come through town, and dealing directly with bandits while on the road. When in a city or jurisdiction, they follow the local laws when possible, but will always fall back on the common law accepted throughout the world as needed.   The Constables came about during the early days of modern Karenth, shortly after the Displaced arrived here. Their numbers come from the ranks of adventurers that are commonplace in the world.   The rank of Constable demonstrates that an individual has been selected and trained by the Constabulary. They normally wear bracers or a leather crown denoting their appointment to the rank of Constable.   Normally a constable travels with 4-5 additional trainees and or other Constables. A few servants may be among their travelling numbers to help with mundane tasks.


Members of the Constables are hired and trained be groups loyal to the Order of Eight. As such their loyalty to the order is required.   Each individual must have a good understanding of the law and proper justice.   Often times a persons alignment is found via magical means prior to be offered the position.   Each individual must be a professional adventurer with a fair bit of experience.


Final appointements are approved, covertly, by the Order.


The Constable fit in one of two catagories, either they are assigned to a specific location or region, or they travel throughout the world on missions. As part of the Constabulary, all members are granted the right to adjudicate justice within the bounds of the Constabulary.   First the Constables fight wrong doing if they are in the immediate vicinity when it occurs. They are afforded the right to turn criminals over to local authorities if possible, but in cases where there is no law enforcement, the Constables can hold court and execute sentences.

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