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Children of the Stars, Elves hail from the North Star
The Children of the Stars, Elves are said to have been born after a legion of stars fell from the sky. This tale is hardly believed, however, though the exact origin of the Elves is unknown. There are theories that elves originate in the far north, beyond the known borders of the known world. This theory has limited proof, however, as the evidence seems to show that Elves simply just replaced the natives of their modern homes, the Giants, with no clues to an origin.

Basic Information


Most Elves are pale and blond, and many have long, grown-out hair, and tattoos. Their eyes are blue like ice and their ears are pointed like knives.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Elves primarily live in the northern edge of the known world, in and around the Elven and North Sea. As stated before, Elves replaced Giants in the area after thousands of years of Giant dominance.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

All Elven languages are part of the Elven Language Family, which itself is split into 3 groups, the North, South, and East branches. The East branch would eventually go all but extinct, having only one living language in the modern day, Dark Elven, spoken by the Dark Elf residents of the Isle of Dägr.


Most likely originating from some land far more North than there are any records, Elven history before year 0 is unknown. After this date though, Elven history is as well recorded as any other.    The oldest known, confirmable date in Elven history is the day the first Elves traveled to their modern homelands. It is said they were spurred to travel south by the appearance of the sun and moon, and a following meteor shower, believing it to be a sign from the Elven gods, who are highly associated with the stars themselves.

Photo by Gioele Fazzeri on Unsplash
Average Height
5ft 4 - 5ft 8

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