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Jump Core

The Jump Core, essentially the holy grail for those who think the speed of light is just a pesky speed bump on the cosmic highway. It's like the universe's own cheat code: can't zip past light speed due to those annoying laws of physics? No problem, let's just take a shortcut through another dimension with looser rules.


This nifty piece of tech revolves around Luminothrium, a kind of exotic matter that throws a party when it meets a magnetic field. The goal? To create a rift leading straight into hyperdimensional space. Think of it as convincing a cat to do a ballet dance – improbable, but not impossible with the right motivation (or in this case, energy).


The amount of energy you throw into this mix is like choosing the spice level for your food – too mild, and you might only get the front end of your ship into hyperspace, leaving the rest embarrassingly stuck in normal space. Too spicy, and you might accidentally drag along some of the cosmic neighborhood into hyperspace with you. Precision is key, unless you fancy explaining to your neighbors why their space station is now orbiting a different star.


Once you've gatecrashed hyperspace, the drive has to keep up a magnetic shield. Why? Because hyperspace is about as forgiving as a cat on bath day. Drop that shield, and things could get unpleasantly interesting.


When it's time to say goodbye to the weird and wonderful world of hyperspace, the drive coordinates a dance between synthesized Ferroelectric Materials and our star performer, Luminothrium. This ensures you don't just pop back into normal space like an uninvited guest at a wedding.


Now, the main show: the Jump Core, the brains of the operation, handling all the computations needed for this high-stakes molecular jamboree. Then there's the Jump Net, a sort of cosmic fishing net that wraps around the ship. It's essential, but not a place you'd want to hang out during a jump unless you're into extreme molecular experiences.


Damage to your ship? The Jump Core can deal with a few scratches. It's smart enough to recalculate and make the jump, as long as your ship isn't looking like it's been through a space blender. If it's too banged up, attempting a jump might result in leaving behind more than just your hopes and dreams – possibly a significant chunk of your ship. In space, as in life, it's all about knowing your limits, especially when bending the laws of physics.


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