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Humanities greatest creation.

For a century, humanity's most brilliant minds have been entranced by the seductive promise of faster-than-light travel, only to be met with crushing disappointment at every turn.

Finian Rist, a globally notorious AI engineer renowned as much for his genius as his controversies, finds himself at the epicenter of a proposition too tempting to dismiss. The government claims to have finally shattered the elusive barrier to faster-than-light travel. All that's missing? An AI of unprecedented sophistication, capable of piloting a ship through the enigmatic expanse of hyperspace.

Acceptance means unleashing an entirely new species of AI. This is no ordinary machine, but one that must replicate all aspects of human consciousness. In essence—it must be human. Entangled in a web of ethical and moral quandaries, Finian stands on the precipice of uncharted territory: creating sentient digital life.

As Finian is thrust into a whirlwind of life-altering events, he embarks on a transcendental journey that oscillates between life, death, and rebirth. It's a journey that will inevitably forge the destiny of humankind.

"Jump Core is a heart-stopping, mind-bending voyage into the future of humanity and the depths of consciousness. This intoxicating blend of high-stakes space adventure, artificial intelligence, and metaphysical exploration will seize your imagination, leaving you breathless and begging for more."

Jump Core Universe

The Jump Core Universe delves deep into the realms of hard sci-fi, drawing inspiration from both existing and speculative technologies and materials. The vision is to craft an intricate, palpably real universe brimming with credible technologies, locales, and species. At its core, the narrative will be powered by riveting characters, whose journeys and evolution promise to leave a lasting imprint on readers. The grand design envisions a 12-book series, complemented by prequels that delve deeper into the characters and their tribulations. Each book is a chapter of a larger, cohesive machine. This endeavor is undoubtedly ambitious, yet it promises to be a thrilling odyssey.

For a clearer picture of the meticulous detail envisioned, below is a breakdown of core elements that will be addressed within this universe, paired with a preliminary progress indicator:

World Building

World-building serves as the foundation for crafting immersive and unforgettable narratives. Whether it's crafting believable technologies or outlining the governance structures of intelligent species across the Orion Spur, intricate world-building infuses the tale with depth and authenticity. Maintaining meticulous documentation ensures narrative consistency, offering readers the profound immersion they seek without shattering the illusion.

Character Building

Characters form the soul of a narrative. Without distinct and resonant characters, even the most intricately crafted worlds can crumble. The central ensemble must leave an indelible mark on us; regardless of our affection or disdain for them, their journeys and interactions with the universe and its inhabitants remain etched in our memory.

Plot Development

While world-building and character development lays the foundation by establishing settings, cultures, people, and rules, the plot animates this backdrop, turning static details into dynamic interactions and events. It is the driving force that propels a narrative forward, dictating the challenges characters face, the decisions they make, and the outcomes they achieve. Without a compelling plot, even the most meticulously crafted world can feel stagnant and aimless.


First person or third person? Singular perspective or multiple viewpoints? Should the prose be straightforward and lucid, or intricate and elegant? The journey of storytelling is riddled with choices, each pivotal in sculpting the narrative and enhancing the reader's immersion. Writing isn't merely the vehicle but the very essence of the story, shaping what readers perceive, resonate with, or feel. Such decisions demand profound deliberation, ensuring that every word, every turn of phrase, harmonizes with the tale's heartbeat.




Micah Olson

From a young age, reading became my passport to myriad worlds, each alive with wonder and imagination. My uncle's shelves were brimming with tales of fantasy, where I'd lose myself amid spells and dragons. But it was when I delved into Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series that my passion for Science Fiction ignited. Here, magic met science; dragons weren't just creatures of lore but a result of genetic modifications by our ancestors on a far-off colony. This blend of fantasy and scientifically-grounded narrative enthralled me. By day, I wear the hat of an engineer; by night, that of a voracious reader. Having savored countless tales, I now feel the pull to contribute my chapter to the story.

Jump Core

For the past few decades, my journey has meandered through the vast realms of sci-fi literature, games, films, and series. There's no denying the brilliance of some universes, the charisma of particular characters, or the ingenuity behind certain technologies. However, recently, I've observed a recurring pattern. While there's a surge in content production, depth often eludes many creations. They present fascinating concepts but lack depth in character or world-building.

While revisiting my extensive collection of sci-fi e-books, I realized that most narratives had faded from memory. The characters, their struggles, their names—all forgotten. The cover art of many bore little resemblance to the story's essence, with a homogeneous visual style spanning multiple authors. Many series extended to countless sequels, but their page count? Often a mere 300 pages, significantly shorter than the fantasy epics I once cherished. Moreover, these authors churned out novels every few months.

In my exploration, I discovered an abundance of courses promoting rapid book writing. Although such methods allow readers a continual influx of content and offer authors a quick financial boost, they often forsake narrative depth. I've engaged with numerous readers who abandoned series due to stagnant character arcs, repetitive plots, and inconsistencies.

Now, don't misunderstand; there's joy in an adventurous galactic escapade armed with state-of-the-art tech. But these tales, as exhilarating as they are, fade swiftly, their protagonists' names forgotten in the annals of my memory.

Growing up on masterpieces like The Wheel of Time, The Kingkiller Chronicles, and The Stormlight Archive has given me a taste for intricate world-building and meticulous character development. The magic of these tales isn't just in their narrative but in their lingering impact. Years later, I find myself reminiscing over character quirks and sharing laughter over memorable moments with fellow enthusiasts.

It's this depth, this resonance, I yearn for in the sci-fi genre. With this aspiration in heart, I introduce the Jump Core Universe.

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