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Royal Crown

My favourite item of clothing worn by the Airites, royal crowns are fancy ornaments sat on one's head. They are worn by the rich, yet they made an exception for me of course.


I couldn't find any exact dates, but I believe royal crowns actually originated prior to the Airite tribe splitting off from other terani on Etrea. Royal crowns were worn by the leaders of the specific terani tribe, and were large enough to be easily noticed from far away. Each terani tribe has their symbol carved into the top of the royal crown, a way to distinguish between tribes.


Royal crowns are made mostly of amber, carved into a perfect ovoid shape. The amber usually has some crystal embedded into the top, usually jasper or ametrine, common crystals within Etrea. The amber is wrapped in vine around the centre, and a wooden ring runs around it. The amber is placed atop the head, just above the forehead where it is best visible.


Royal crowns are so expensive nowadays that barely anyone owns them. As time went on they lost their value and are now worn by a handful of people in Khaltos, and Eyptos still wears one, but they are no longer limited to just the leader of a terani tribe, at least in Khaltos.

My Crown

You guessed it, I own a crown. The day I arrived in Khaltos I was given it, actually. They were surprised at my excitement over being in the town, and decided to reward me in the best way they could. At least Eyptos was excited; the other royal crown wearers were pissed that another person was wearing them and their value decreased.   My royal crown currently sits right on top of my bed in my home back in Khaltos, because Eyptos felt weird about me taking it out of the town. Strange, but I left it there so he felt more comfortable. Fingers crossed no one has broken in and taken it, I didn't do a great job of hiding it and there's a window that looks right into my bedroom.
"Hey uh, could you leave your new crown in the village while you're gone? Nothing personal, I just feel sort of... uncomfortable with someone taking one of the royal crowns outside of the village."
"...sure. Actually I'll take a few photos of it first, might be a cool thing to document in my new diary I'm making."


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