Jack McClain

This article contains MAJOR spoilers from the world of Eskǎvaëís (another world of mine).
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As the Representative of the Bond of Silver, Jack has a lot on his plate. His main goal in life is making sure his little mate, Kěith Cheonsa stays happy, especially since both their lives revolve around politics. He doesn't ask for much, just keeping drama away from his family for as long as possible so that Kěith doesn't have to worry about another war happening.   His current goal is plotting to pick a new Representative for the Bond of Silver as he wants to retire. He is also in talks with each of the kings of the vampiric kingdoms to hold an election to choose a new senator so that his mate can also retire. The very reason for this is that Jack wishes to hold a surprise for his mate.  


Jack was born as Jack Terrance McClain in the Winter Moon Pack of the Moonlight Expanse on the planet Eskǎvaëís. His parents were Personal Omega Austïn Lén King and Alpha Lucian McClain. Shortly before Jack was born, Alpha Lucian took in a couple of kids that eventually grew to be five adopted siblings by the time Jack was four-years-old, and he had one half-sibling after Austïn was sexually assaulted. This half-sibling proved himself beyond insane about three months after Jack mated himself to Kěith.  


zeya - body
Zeya by Leah Horstman
When he was three-years-old, he received his inner wolf, Zeya. The two got along extremely well, leading to plenty of trouble a little toddler could only get himself into.   Around the time he turned eight-and-a-half, Jack discovered a ghastly scene a short walk away from the pack village outskirts. The image was forever burned into his memory for finding his pop-pop, former Alpha Rider McClain's corpse. His pop-pop was skinned alive so that only his muscle was showing, glistening under the baking heat of the sun. Carved into his body were the letters "WS," indicating the Wolf Slayer killed him.  

Teenage Years

Jack was captured at fourteen-years-old by rogues that desired to break a young Alpha Heir. They first broke his back leg as they tortured him. Soon, he found himself rescued by the crown prince of the Itude Empire, Kěith, and his bodyguard, Syus Nightingale. He was brought back to his pack territory where he told his father that a vampire rescued him. His only crime was not telling them who it was.   A few years later, Jack was abducted by vampires from his territory and tortured viciously. They injected him with silver, slashed and stabbed him, injected him with random liquids, beaten with fists and blunt objects, and also injected with diluted wolfbane to suppress his wolf. Not too long after that his mate bought him as an Exotic Pet. At the time, it was the only way to save his life.   He was eventually freed and returned to his pack, where he grew panicked by being away from his mate. It didn't help that his Gigi was overly strict about Jack needing to find a female Luna. Jack didn't have the heart to reveal he was gay and kept it a secret until Léhä Tepes, his mate's younger half-sister, was able to bring Kěith to the pack. It took a few weeks, but when Jack was finally able to announce that he had Marked his mate, he made Kěith his Luna.   They ended up working together to overthrow the Wolf Council, defeat Emperor Vlad, and bring a peaceful end to the Chymoús war. This unveiled that werewolves had only been created by Moon as a weapon to destroy the vampires. As Moon went into hiding, it would be another ten years before she would finally be usurped.  


Jack and Kěith lived a peaceful life for ten years when Jack's father, former Alpha Lucian, sacrificed his life to save his son from a group of rogues using hidden magick they earned from their father, Viktor Tyler. Asking for help from his mate and Syus, Jack headed for the Dark Forest Pack Colony in the Yàzhōu-hito Teikoku on the continent of Shálmâne. This is where their group figured out that Queen Alice of the Ceozar Dynasty was actually Moon. Then, the Fates arrived during the final battle to release Darkness from her exile and she slew Moon only to become the next Moon.   The original Moon's death ended up bringing about the destruction of Eskǎvaëís, which forced everyone to leave the planet in a hasty escape abord the HSWW Starfall thanks to Kyle Fenikkusu and Michanikós Klóstis. Over the next 100 years, Jack and Kěith kept the ship running smoothly while they searched for a new planet to reside on. This new planet they came upon was named Earth.  

Earth Dweller

While living on Earth for 1000 years, Jack earned his place as the Representative of the Bond of Silver due to his rallying abilities as the Alpha who ended a 500-year war and uncovered the truth about the original Moon. Ever since then, Jack has been ready to retire so that he may please his mate from all stressful duties as Senator of the Chamber of Black Onyx.

Table of Contents

Alpha / Grandpops / Representative / Terrance
jack older.jpeg
by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Quick Facts
Lawful Neutral
Pack Rank:
Represenative of the Wolves
Birth Date:
Kruqesk 20th
Birth Year:
1999 EoL 1128 Years Old
Age Image:
54 Years Old
Electric Blue
Dark brown, shaggy but cropped short in the back
Skin Tone:
Tan with freckles
Beauty Mark:
Corner of his left bottom lip, hidden by his facial hair
6'3" (190 cm)
195 lbs (88.4 kg)
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Kěith Cheonsa (mate)
Zeya McClain (inner wolf)
Lucian McClain (dad)
Austïn McClain (birth giver)
Lisa McKinney (daughter)
Jared McKinney (son-in-law)
Oliver McKinney (grandson)
Deidrick Howl (grandson's mate)
Wyett Cheonsa-McClain (son)
Salem Cheonsa-McClain (son)
Eoin Cheonsa-McClain (son)
Léhä Tepes (half-sister-in-law)
Marinette Cheonsa (sister-in-law)
Brad King (half-brother, deceased)
Seán McClain (adopted brother)
Bryant McClain (adopted brother)
Destan McClain (adopted brother)
Ciera McClain (adopted sister)
Trevin McClain (adopted brother)
Vlad Tepes (father-in-law)
Sin-yeona Cheonsa (mother-in-law)
Morgana (grandmother-in-law)
Lucifer (grandfather-in-law)
Rider McClain (grandpops)
Nacrissa McClain (grandmother)
Black Hole (great-grandfather)
Darkness (great-grandmother)
Kenny McClain (great-grandfather)
Ember McClain (great-grandmother)
Ignatius Williams
Mavon Williams
Zeta Blood
The Bond of Silver
Claw Pack
Horn Pack
Storm Pack
Vain Pack

Likes & Dislikes
- Horseback riding
- Romantic dates with Kěith
- Just being around Kěith
- Kěith in danger
- Rogues
- War


  • Fishing
  • Horseback riding

He loves relaxing in the open country. When he can, he'll drag Kěith to the country and force him to go horseback riding. They tend to have romantic outings this way while Jack gets to let loose and forget his high ranking for a day or two.


Extended Family

Upon learning that he has a grandson, Jack becomes overprotective, yet he's also struggling to keep a secret between him and Kěith. His grandson, Oliver, may prove to be more than a handful. It doesn't help that Kěith is still angry with him and Oliver seems to hate both Jack and Kěith.


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