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Migmean Moors

The Migmean Moors are a 75 kilometer wide strip of land between the eastern shore of Inquest and the east-end of the Afrantosti mountain-range. They are named after Migme, the only settlement within it.


The Migmean Moors are located between the River Caq in the north and the southern River Nenh, which enters the Islandsea in Oatere.


The Migmean Moors are known as "the only uncontested strip of land" on Inquest. The only significant thing about it, is its location and the fact that it connects the Northeners with the Easterners and in extension the Southeners.

All military value is removed by the fact that it's moorland, provides no cover against the elements or an enemy and theres the conveniently placed Kings Highroad just at the side, far away from all the awfull stuff everywhere else.

As such, the Migmean Moors has seen the biggest armies and yet hasn't been the scene of a mayor fight in recorderd shattered History.


"It is the blank slate of Inquest. Only there you can truly think as an artist."
— Melanie DeBeau-De-Bar, famed Paintress and Scrollthrower-Artisan

Despite being quite unremarkable in a geopolitical sense, it has attracted many famous and talented artists of all crafts.


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