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War of the Teeth

Destiny Out of the Maw

Not a day passes that we don't thank the Lord of the Universe that the Aquitani worked out their most aggressive impulses prior to achieving space travel!
- Europan Federation Chairman's address
upon accepting Aquitania into the Federation

The best family traditions have their roots in a fight to the death.

Also called Tranvre Krøsu in Cheulque, the War of the Teeth occurred between the Lavreplethsarris of Bialiu, the fourth barrier island, and Gizapletarris of Manliu, the third barrier island. When a truo died in the channel between islands, both clans laid claim to the corpse and fought bitterly over it--especially, for some reason, the creature's teeth. After the corpse was gone, the clans continued their fighting for decades, until Eztareia Gizapletar and Procteuxsse Lavreplesthar ended the war.

The Channel Battle

The War of the Teeth lasted for several decades until Eztareia Gizapletar and Procteuxsse Lavreplesthar decided to meet in single combat to determine the outcome of the war. Both sides agreed that whichever chieftan was victorious would carry with them the victory of their clan. The two chieftans met in the channel on small boats and fought, but before either could be called the victor, a truo swallowed both boats and chieftans whole.
The Beast by Salar Khan

The Belly of the Beast

The chieftans were swallowed up but not killed, and they decided to work together to escape from the truo's belly. They eventually burst through the creature's gills as it circled between their islands and then went on to kill it fully. They used this miraculous survival to establish what would become an unbreakable peace between their clans even when they faced down an even more formiddable enemy, the Imperian Fleet, mere months later.

Were we each taken alone, we would have perished. But together we survived, and so shall our clans survive together into the future.
— Procteuxsse Lavreplesthar

A Continuing Bond

Aquitani are legendary for their rock-solid pledges of friendship and dedication, so the enduring connection between the Lavreplestharris and Gizapletarris is impressive but not surprising. Up until the Imperian destruction of Manliu, each clan boasted a collection of teeth from the original war and truo, and once a year held ceremonial teeth-stealing competitions to see who could steal the most from the other clan. When Manliu was razed, its teeth collection was almost entirely destroyed, and the remaining teeth were fire-damaged and brittle. They are protected in the fortress of Bialiu, and referred to with reverence when recounting the clans' mythic histories.


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