The Twinned Saints

Keep Us Whole

Andrara and Petrha were twin sisters born on Illyricum during its early occupation by the Imperia. Andrara was gifted with divination, able to foresee certain events in the future. Both sisters worked as fishers on Illyricum's seas, suffering under the Imperia's devastating tithes until Petrha refused to tithe and killed Imperian legionnaires when they attacked her. This one act led to Petrha and Andrara leading an Illyrican revolt agains the Imperia that lasted for multiple years, with Andrara's divination skills lending the sisters victory after victory.   Petrha met Caesar's new Praetor, Procula Hosidia Galatia, in battle, and each of them barely escaped the fight alive. While Petrha recovered, Andrara divined their imminent deaths by the hand of the Imperia. They had the opportunity to flee and save themselves, but they chose to stay and trade themselves for the chance to negotiate better tithes for the people of Illyricum.

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