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The Imperia


Highly militaristic, the Imperia is divided into twelve massive battlestations called Legions that orbit selected planets across the systems. These battlestations have a military focus but are also home to the entirety of the Imperian civilian population. Civilians provide support for military campaigns and operations, and gain protection from the constant presence of powerful legionnaires.  


The leader of the Imperia, Caesar has been in unbroken control of the Legions for six centuries. It's unclear how he manages to remain alive and healthy after so long, and his explanation of divine preservation of his youth is not convincing to many citizens in the Imperia.  


Twelve senators are representatives from each Legion and meet yearly to discuss laws, declarations of war, management of the Mariner Federation, and anything else that elevates to Senatorial importance. If the senators enter a stalemate during a vote, Caesar casts the deciding vote.  



The generic name for any professional soldier employed by the Imperian Fleet, regardless of rank or specialty. These are non-conscripted soldiers, meaning they joined voluntarily with the intent of being career military. Legionnaires are allowed to advance in rank and to seek Immunes specialties.


Every denizen of the Imperia is compelled to serve at least four years in the Imperian Fleet upon turning sixteen years old. Those citizens who enter as a conscript are retained as a munifex, a standard foot soldier, and are unable to advance rank or position until they reenlist after their conscription is over.



A denizen of the Imperia who has honorably served their conscription and returned to civilian life is known as "citizen," a term of great pride for those who have earned it. A legionnaire who served honorably but who didn't complete the thirty years required for a retirement and to retain the legionnaire title may also be called citizen.


A denizen of the Imperia who has not yet served as a conscript is called "testa," translating as "the child" in Imperine. For those under age sixteen, this is an expected and appropriate term. When used with an adult, it's intended to offend or patronize.


A denizen of the Imperia who did not serve their conscription honorably is called "yuscolet," translating as "dishonored one" in Imperine. They are barred from any class above Plebeian, and are also limited in the jobs they're allowed to attain. Generally, a yuscolet is limited to manual labor or unskilled jobs.

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