the Diving Pelican

Safety Through Sacrifice

... and when Dæfna saw her enemies had pursued her people to Arabia, she did as her sacred Pelican did and plucked blood from her chest, and casting that blood into the sky each drop formed an asteroid, and Dæfna was able to cast her enemies thusly from the sky.
- excerpt from the story of Saint Dæfna

At first the name is ridiculous: a pelican? Birds without an ounce of meanness in their bodies. But now that I know Anaïs, the name is perfect. Absolutely perfect.

The Diving Pelican is itself an unremarkable intrastellar transport vessel with standard equipment and crew complement. The solar drives convert solar radiation to power; sails mounted on the ship's uppermost deck collect this radiation and funnel it to the drives.   The ship is incapable of FTL travel as it is too small to house an Alcubierre drive, so it must utilize the postern network to jump between systems.

The Early Usage

Anaïs purchased the solar ship after completing her Hunger for the Sea ritual and recovering from the tattooing process, intending to carry on her family legacy of piracy and anti-Imperian activity. The Diving Pelican was used for intersystem smuggling for the first few years of its commission, and saw its fair share of legionnaire Helvia Terrasidia Aquitania as she pursued Anaïs and attempted to catch her in illegal activity.
Pirate Spaceship by Tihomir Nyagolov

An Unlikely Turn

The pirate adventures of Anaïs Lavreplethsar were cut short when she responded to a distress beacon and found a Renani child alone in some wreckage. With unlikely partner in reluctant crime Helvia Terrasidia, Anaïs kept the Renani child--whom she named Uiljy, "rescue child"--safe from Imperian pursuit.   After adopting Uiljy, Anaïs made the startling decision to give up piracy for legitimate transport. Piracy could be a vicious career, and she wanted to give Uiljy a chance to grow up relatively normally. Anaïs, Helvia, Uiljy, and a small crew of trusted Mariners took cargo and passengers between systems using the postern network, and Uiljy eventually joined the crew as a solar engineer.

Up until the moment I opened that ship, if you'd asked me if I'd ever take in a child--and an invader child, at that--I would have said hell no, and meant it.
— Anaïs Lavreplethsar

The Pelican's Legacy

A symbol of self-sacrifice and family loyalty, the Pelican is also the sacred bird of Saint Dæfna of Arabia, whose legend describes her as tearing out pieces of her own flesh to turn into asteroids which surround the planet and protect it from various dangers. Likewise, the Diving Pelican and its captain continue this legacy of loyalty and protection, with their efforts extending even beyond their own lives to change the very trajectory of the universe.

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Organization Ties:
Lavreplesthar Clan
Infamous for their violent resistance against the Imperian invasion of Aquitania and extremely likely to engage in anti-Imperian piracy.
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