sicara poison

The poison that Sicarii assassins primarily use when pursuing high-value targets.   Contact and absorption through mucous membranes is the most effective and deadly way to administer, leading to Acute Hemorrhagic Sicaremia.   Some assassins will lace a blade with sicara poison and stab a target, which more often results in Acute Localized Hemorrhagic Sicaremia, which is less deadly than AHS.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Sicara poison acts on the clotting cascade, causing widespread clotting until all clotting factor is used up. At that point, the victim begins to bleed uncontrollably.
Item type
Drug / Narcotic / Medicine
Sicara poison is difficult to make, which makes it rare to begin with. The Imperia has made possessing sicara poison illegal with a minimum sentence of execution, which drives down its availability and trade.

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