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Praetorian Guard

All for Caesar

The Praetorian Guard does not exist to defend Caesar from death. No. Caesar Immortalis, May He Live Forever, does not fear death.

The best centurions, chosen from the best centurions. I'm honored and humbled every time I work with the Guard, and every time I'm reminded that I'm their Praetor.

The Praetorian Guard is one of the oldest organizations in the Imperia, beginning initially with Caesar's first comrades prior to his campaign aginst the Old Senate. The member of that group that would eventually become the first Praetor, known only to history as The Lion of Caesar, is in legend the one who named this group "the Praetorian Guard."

Many have wondered over the centuries why Caesar, who claims to be immortal, needs a personal bodyguard contingent. The discussions that follow generally decide that Caesar is killable in some way or another, and that the members of the Praetorian Guard know this weakness and protect Caesar from it.



Patron Saint of

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Sacred Bird

Military, Special Operations Force
Parent Organization


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