Noxte Nibre

Feast of the Survivors

The absolutely barbaric practice of noxte nibre was for a brief period even used against legionnaires who fell to the Aquitani in battle. The Aquitani warriors of the Lavreplesthar and Gizapletar clans would cut out the lungs of the legionnaires and devour them where other legionnaires could see.
- Imperian treatise on the Gallic satellites

They're kind of chewy. Spongy. But you don't really notice how they taste. You just crawled out of the stomach of a truo. For a while, everything tastes like half-digested fish and blood.

Known as the "lung gift," noxte nibre is the piece of truo gill that a victor in the Hunger for the Sea trial eats after they have killed the creature and come out of its body. This particular piece of the monster's body remembers Eztareia Gizapletar and Procteuxsse Lavreplesthar emerging from a truo's gills and ending the War of the Teeth.


Noxte nibre is raw truo gill collected during the Hunger for the Sea trial. The gills are eaten outside of this trial, but are only eaten raw in this specific circumstance. Anyone consuming raw gill, especially while calling it noxte nibre, is susceptible to punishment by any Aquitani who discovers the trespass. If the discovering Aquitani is of Lavreplesthar or Gizapletar descent, the punishment will likely be fatal.


Few Aquitani are eligible to run the trial, and fewer complete it successfully. Those who survive being swallowed whole by a monster and cutting their way out then submit themselves to further harm. The raw gills of krøtruo large enough to swallow a boat whole are almost always caustic when applied to flesh or mucous membranes, and eating the raw gills will cause chemical burns to the Aquitani's lips, mouth, and throat. In addition, some of the creature's blood is used to tattoo the Aquitani with the combined crests of the Lavreplestharris and Gizapletarris, further weakening them. On a few occasions, the added stress of noxte nibre and tattooing has killed an Aquitani who otherwise survived the ritual.

The most terrible things continue their assault even after they lie dead.
— Aquitani proverb

A Dying Tradition

The continued presence of the Imperia on Aquitania has resulted in Aquitani avoiding the Hunger for the Sea ritual in order to prevent the Imperia from attempting to take the corpse of the monster. This also means the rite of noxte nibre has all but vanished. The most recent completion of the ritual was Anaïseseia Lavreplesthar and was done nearly in complete secret. Only when she arrived to the homes of the Lavreplesthar chieftans with a bucketful of noxte nibre did anyone realize she had done the trial, and the Lavreplestharris rushed to process the dead sea monster before the Imperia could catch wind of what had happened.

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Gathered from the still-warm corpse of a truo defeated in the Hunger for the Sea ritual.

The killing of krøtruo is so rare that when it does happen, the entire creature is processed and utilized. Any gill not used for noxte nibre is cooked to render its consumption safe for the average Aquitani.

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