My WorldEmber Pledge 2022

This is my first WorldEmber that I'm doing! I've wanted to do it in the past but I wasn't able to for various reasons. I'm looking forward to getting this one under my belt.

Here's the list of all my entries for this WorldEmber!

Homework Assignment Week 1

Many Worlds

I have a couple worlds I write in on WorldAnvil, and this year I intend to write in the Imperia Triplica world! This story's vibe can be summed up as:
Battlestar Galactica meets the Jewish-Roman Wars.

Narrow Areas

Some pretty significant things happen in the story on the planet Mauretania, so I'd like to start on that planet and really flesh out the world and the people, many of whom possess the ability to use magic.

Lofty Goals

I want to develop a solid world in which to write several scenes and independent stories.


Homework Assignment Week 2

First of all, here's my world meta!

And now for the mini-meta!


This mini-meta will focus on an ancient Saint of Mauretania, Saint Tasa of the Hills-With-Teeth, who saved the planet from a cataclysmic volcanic apocalypse and nearly lost her life because of it at the age of twelve.


Saint Tasa was able to use the unique magic of Mauretania, which was as the time interpreted as the ability to speak magic words, but even her enormous power with these words wasn't sufficient to rend the crust of the earth apart by herself. The themes of friendship and the power of words are at the forefront.


Saint Tasa is twelve when this story takes place, so this story is accessible to kids that age. The mood is epic but also intimate, placing significant weight on the individual friendships of people and how these can change the world.


Homework Assignment Week 3


Tag System

The tagging system that I currently use (that seems to work well!) is making sure the star system is tagged, plus the planet, ethnicity, and job that apply to the article. I definitely know I don't use the tagging system as well as I could though, so I should revisit those articles!

Was This Helpful?

Yes! I like the way the homework gets me thinking about different things leading up to the event.


Homework Assignment Week 4



Imperia Aesthetic

Gnaeus Aesthetic
Mariner Aesthetic

Naomi Aesthetic


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Thanks!! You too! ^_^