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The Mariners were already spaceborne and interacting before the Imperia arrived, and each system used the prevailing customs of its leader planet in general communication.  
Illyricum is the leader of the Europan Federation.
Cappadocia is the leader of the Asiatican Federation, and the entire Mariner Federation as a whole.
Lusitania is the leader of the Aprican Federation.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Most traditional Mariner naming traditions have been replaced by the Imperia tradition of tri nomina.   For Mariners, the tria nomina looks like Given Name + System Designator + Planet Designator.   Examples include:
  • Ollie Apricus Mauretanius
  • Miruna Europa Trinovanta


Shared customary codes and values

All Mariners share a common set of good luck talismans while aboard a vessel or ship:
  • black cats; many sailors will embroider a cat's eye onto clothing, or even tattoo a black cat on their person
  • cormorants are considered to be the spirits of lost loved ones
  • mermaids may grant wishes if a sailor were to catch sight of one
  • tattoos will protect the sailor by attracting the favor of various Saints.

Common Taboos

All Mariners share a common set of taboos while aboard a vessel or ship:
  • whistling aboard a ship with solar drives; the only exception to whistling being taboo is when the ship's cook does it
  • when ships launch from an atmosphered planet, if the sun through the atmosphere appears red, it's bad luck to set sail
  • taking passengers in general, especially those who are religious clergy, or have red hair
  • setting sail on Friday
  • leaving any equipment essential for a job unattended; for example, a solar engineer leaving their shielding goggles unattended

Major organizations

Diverged ethnicities
Languages spoken

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