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The wisdom for the venatores was: when true gemini are brought together, a star bursts into being on the other side of the universe.
— Gemini Uprising
  A phenomenon observed by Imperians, in particular the venator immunes class. True gemini are required to serve as venatores for at least ten years within the Fleet, regardless of their social class. Gemini share a sense with one another that most can adapt into making them better hunters. Two of the most celebrated and decorated venatores gemini, Volesa Sulpicia and Nona Gessia shared sight in one eye. While not hunting, each would wear an eye patch over their shared eye in order to maintain some privacy.   Venatores tell the legend of the Prima Gemini, the first Imperians to ever experience the sense share that is the hallmark of Imperia gemini, and the tragedy of their end. Ehren and Dunstan shared the ability to hear one another when they spoke, no matter how far away the other was. They were never without one another until Ehren was slain. Dunstan begged the universe for Ehren to be returned to him, but this plea was ignored, so Dunstan became immortal through his fury and pain. He still seeks revenge against the universe that took his geminus away from him. The venatores say that shooting stars are arrows fired at the uncaring universe by the immortal half-soul of Dunstan, mad with grief and bereavement.   The belief that gemini share a soul led to the assumption that when one geminus died, the other would drop dead instantly with them. While not entirely true, modern gemini will almost always choose suicide when their geminus dies in order to avoid living a life they consider only a "half-life." Imperia gemini are usually united with their geminus almost immediately following birth, and most of these pairings have never experienced being alone. They find the loneliness unbearable, and choose to join their geminus and reunite their split soul as soon as possible. A deeply-held belief by almost all gemini is that if a soul is separated for too long, it will become unable to reunite, and both gemini will become insane spirits after death.   Related to the idea of bashert believed by Renanim  and of sainting by Mariners.


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