Chos Krømialmiche

Who So Stands Against

A terrorist organization that may rival the Sicarii in dangerousness; the Sicarii are at least predictable in their violence, but the Spring Lions' actions are as much a mystery as the monsters that inhabit their planet's deepest seas.
- Imperian treatise on the Gallic satellites

It's difficult to ascertain whether Aquitania has ever produced anything that wasn't aggressive, avoidant, or angry.

The Spring Lions," a loosely organized pirate federation that operates under similar compartmentalized rules as the Sicarii but do not harbor the same penchant for indiscriminate bloodshed that the Sicarii do. Even so, some factions of Chos Krømialmiche are exceptionally dangerous to come up against, and crossing the wrong cell can be fatal, whereas crossing other cells is merely uncomfortable.

Humble Beginnings

One of the many krøtruo of Aquitania's early history was a tentacled sea lion known as Chos Mialmiche, "The Spring Lion." This one-of-a-kind creature was the companion of San Vuepaque, who raised The Shallows to give the ancient Aquitani people shelter from other, more dangerous krøtruo. Legend tells of Chos Mialmiche's wisdom, and how he bestowed the magic upon San Vuepaque that she used to raise The Shallows. He lived by her side as her companion within the Depleus Krøche, "Center Isles," granting other magic as he saw fit, until San Vuepaque passed away. At this time, Chos Mialmiche vanished and hasn't been seen since.   The Chos Krømialmiche organization began as disciples of San Vuepaque who cared for Chos Mialmiche until his disappearance. At that time, the organization partially dissolved, but some remained.
by Steve Argyle

Explosive Growth

The dwindling organization began to see a boost in its membership numbers, and Imperian pressure necessitated compartmentalization as a security measure. During the Seventh Age (313-364 ACI), Praetor Statius Julius Atrebatius officially classified Chos Krømialmiche as an anti-Imperian terrorist organization after their targeted aggression against Imperian supply ships, which resulted in them effectively cutting off supplies to Legions and outposts alike.
After the partial dissolution of Chos Krømialmiche, the remaining members explored several replacement activities--krøtruo hunting, deep-sea exploration, and near-space exploration once the Aquitani developed space travel--but the organization was largely aimless until the Imperian Fleet arrived and made contact. After the Imperia ignored several warnings to leave The Deeps alone, which resulted in the loss of hundreds of legionnaires and dozens of vehicles, they attempted to enlist the help of native Aquitani. When the Aquitani refused, the Imperia began to impose punishment, and Chos Krømialmiche with the Lavreplethsar Clan spearheaded resistance against Imperian rule.

Peace may only be achieved when our worlds are ours, and ours alone.
— Chos Krømialmiche

A Risky Future

The Mariner Federation has attempted to work with Chos Krømialmiche to bring them back from piracy and into legitimate spacefaring, but too many of the factions are devoutly anti-Imperian and are uninterested in any cooperation with the Imperia. Chos Krømialmiche enjoys a kind of invisibility borne of plausible deniability, as the majority of them do engage in legitimate trading and transport while also engaging in piracy. Certain factions are more likely to work with the Sicarii directly and have been caught dealing in hemflos, which, due to the Sicarii's brutality and wilingness to rack up enormous numbers of collateral damage, generally is grounds for dismissal from the organization.

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Organization Ties:
One of the Gallic satellites that is almost entirely water and home to the Aquitani, the most aggressively anti-Imperian Mariner race in the empire.
Illicit, Rebel
Organization Structure
In order to defend against Imperian infiltration, Chos Krømialmiche employs a compartmentalized structure where only the highest rank of each faction knows who the other leaders are, and each faction only knows their own operations, not those of any other faction.

True Aquitani, the members of Chos Krømialmiche encourage fierce independence and an unendingly oppositional approach to diplomacy with most comers. As Aquitani, some factions can also be unexpectedly hospitable and generous.

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