The Highway of Monsters

The inhabitants of Bialiu boast the most dangerous locale on the planet, for here is where the majority of monsters attempt to cross into The Shallows, and here is where the Lavreplethsarris make their home.
- Imperian treatise on the Gallic satellites

It's no wonder Anaïs is so disagreeable. Growing up in the center lane of the highway of monsters would do that to anyone.

The outpost of Bialiu's name literally means "Fourth Barrier" after its location on the fourth barrier island in the eastern chain. However, it's known colloquially as Crasiuvuatruo, "The Highway of Monsters." The fourth barrier island is situated on a deep-dea trench that funnels frigid water and uncommonly large krøtruo that follow shoals of fish to the surface off the shore of Bialiu. Once there, the krøtruo often attack the island or the multitude of fishing boats that fill the island's waters to take advantage of the deep-sea fish harvest.


bia liu
fourth barrier

The Iozsteucard

A deep-water trench, the Iozsteucard, "Cold Channel," funnels freezing yet nutrient-dense water from the deepest part of Piesque Ouise, resulting in Bialiu having a weather pattern unique from the other barrier islands, as well as the richest fishing grounds of the entire Eastern Shallow. However, while the Iozsteucard channels fish and minerals to the shores of the fourth barrier island, it also brings some of the largest and most vicious krøtruo.

The Lavreplestharris

Sea Serpent by Iwao-Ryuuji
A legendary battle occurred in Bialiu between Potresursia and the Lavreplethsarris, where the Lavreplesthar Clan was eventually victorious. They mounted the skull of Potresursia on the peak of the mountain above Bialiu. Any of the Lavreplesthar Clan who fell a monster are permitted to ascend to the skull and carve their name into it.

Others are rich in gold. We are rich in monsters.
— Lavreplesthar proverb

Bialiu's Legacy

The Lavreplesthar Clan are known on Aquitania, in the Mariner Federation, and among Imperian legionnaires as some of the most aggressive, wily, and resourceful peoples within the Imperia. A majority of anti-Imperia pirates are Aquitani, and a majority of these claim membership within or descent from the Lavreplesthar Clan. At the same time, the Lavreplestharris are excellent seafarers, fishermen, and merchants, and are famous for their hospitality to strangers in need. The two side of this clan--bellicose and generous--are reflected in their island home: a paradise of plenty with violence lurking just under the surface.

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Organization Ties:
Lavreplesthar Clan
Infamous for their violent resistance against the Imperian invasion of Aquitania and extremely likely to engage in anti-Imperian piracy.
Outpost / Base
Natural Resources
The trench brings large amounts of deep-sea fish to the surface near Bialiu, making the fourth barrier island a place where one can practically reach into the water and grab onto a fish with each hand. Bialiu produces more trade in fish than any other island in either barrier chain.

The fourth barrier island enjoys cooler, cloudy weather as a result of the cold water funneled up by the trench. Its single low mountain peak is more lush than its neighbor islands and produces greater amounts of crops, rivaling the open agriculture of the big islands.

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