The Dancing Kowse Inn

Wow...the food here is delicious.
— August to the maid.
This inn is the larger of the two inns in Ikimor. Both of them have a rivalry going on but the two inns will help each other out if a problem occurs.  


The inn was founded in 1034 RO and has been passed down in the family to its current owner. The current owner had a dilemma though. He has a daughter but she does not want to take over the business. She is content waiting tables in the inn's restaurant for now but she wants to move to Korda and work as an actress. He does not know what to do. He could sell the inn but he does not want to do that either. He gave up his dreams for this inn so he wants somebody who would love the inn like he had to take over after him.  

The Exterior

The entrance is pretty bland. Just a brown wooden door in a brown wooden building. If not for the sign hanging over the door it would look like all the other buildings in the village center.  

The Interior

The room after the entrance is tiny, only four grown people can stand in it together without squishing each other against the walls. Across from the entrance door is a staircase and to the left and right are archways. On the left, according to the smells coming from that room is the famous restaurant and to the right is the reception area of the inn. The staircase in the entrance hall leads to the private rooms of the owner. In the reception area, there is a staircase up to the rooms on the second level. The inn has 10 double rooms and 15 single rooms.  

The Restaurant

The room is large, it has a large fireplace in the wall across from the room entrance and a couple of armchairs and coffee tables in front of it. Three long tables cover the rest of the floor of the rest of the room and paintings of fantasy landscapes and tasty looking food covers the walls. The restaurant has four menus.
  • The breakfast menu consists of different kinds of sandwiches, hotcakes, bacon and eggs, and other dishes.
  • The hot menu consists of hot meals like stews and pies.
  • The cold menu consists of cold meals like salads, sandwiches, and stuffed vegetables.
  • The beverage menu consists of hot and cold drinks that can be both alcoholic and nonalcoholic.
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    Opening hours
    Weekdays: 7am-9pm
    Weekends: 10am-8pm


    Opening hours
    Weekdays: 10am-6pm
    Weekends: 10am-6pm


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