Este -The air ship

— A person watching Este fall from the sky
  For as long as land walkers have existed, they have looked up at the skies and wished that they could conquer them.  


At first the land walkers tried to fly with magic. That didn’t work as well as they wanted it to, the price was too steep.   Then around 80 years ago an Other said that it was possible to create a machine that could fly with both magic and science. The Other, Evan Smith, said that he could create a flying machine. Many Houses offered funds, workers, and resources to him but he decided to write a contract with The Korda Alliance. To the chagrin of many of the other Houses.   It took Evan 3 years to build the airship with the help of the Alliance in an area outside of Korda. He named the ship "Este" after a famous dragon.  

The ship

Este was a lot smaller than other ships at the time. She was 70 meters long and with a maximum breadth of 15 m. Her total height was 14m. She would not have been able to traverse water with her mighty height.   Este had 6 decks. The lowest deck was called the Goods deck. Here both the passengers' luggage, as well as goods, were stored during flight. The Cabin deck contained passenger cabins as well as grocery storage units and crew cabins. The Restaurant deck contained a bar and a restaurant as well as a swimming pool and a dance room. The Promenade deck went around the ship and the smaller decks. This deck had more passenger cabins, for richer passengers, a public sitting room, and another smaller and more intimate restaurant. The other two decks contained crew cabins, the motor room, and other rooms that were needed for the running of the ship.  

The maiden ride

The first maiden voyage of Este was going to be the first journey among many. The ship was going to be traveling the world and people were going to be able to purchase tickets and travel the world as well. Merchants were going to be able to purchase season passes. This ship was going to make the world smaller for the land walkers.   The first route was supposed to be between the airship yard outside of Korda to a landing space that had been prepared in The Sand Bowl.   After a ceremony, the ship rose into the sky to the cheers of a large audience. They watched as the ship stood still in the sky for a minute and then continued onwards in the direction of the Sand Bowl. They watched until the ship had become a small dot in the sky. People were about to pack up and go back to their daily lives when a scream stopped them in their tracks.   The people watched as the ship crashed.   The ship had crashed in the middle of a forest that was hard to reach. A couple of Dragons managed to get to the ship and examine the area. They could not find any reason for why the ship crashed.  

The crew

There were 125 crewmembers working on the ship. 76 of them were Beastfolk hired from The Shivervale House and 49 Dragons hired from The Order of Monsterthorn.   Only 3 beastfolk and 9 dragons survived the crash.  

The passengers

Este had 754 passengers. There were several passengers who had purchased a ticket on the first trip of the airship just because this was a once in a lifetime experience. Este would never again have her first trip. 731 of the passengers were just passengers, there for a good time, while 23 people were there for business, as big-time merchants. Most of the passengers were Elves and beastfolk.   Only 6 passengers survived. 2 of them were dragons and 4 of them were Bugfolk.  

The cargo

Many merchants who couldn't go had reserved room for goods that they had already sold to other merchants in the Sand Bowl. These were mostly fabrics. The merchants with them had a lot of different kinds of goods like furniture and art. There was also the luggage that the passengers had brought with them. There weren't any special cargo. like gems or other special materials but there are currently myths being spread that maybe a cursed item was onboard because people are grasping for straws as to why the ship would just fall from the sky.
Owning Organization
70 meters
14 meters
Complement / Crew
125 crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
755 passengers
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