Deadly Delight

This plant is a death sentence, but it will also boost your Mana pool and mana regeneration.
— A scholar
  This plant will burst out of your skin and grow over parts of your body, taking mana from the air and feeding it to you.  


Most scholars believe that this parasitic plant originated from the area in the Haunted Woods now called The Krozs ruins. The nomadic Bugfolk who traveled this area have documented several infestations since the first time they came across the plant around 1425 years ago.   When an area close to The Krozs ruins became a settlement, now called Korda, even more people became infected by the plant. These people were ostracised from the community and banished before the flowers could spread.   The Krozs ruins have always been dangerous to visit but they became hazardous to visit during this time.   The plant is very uncommon nowadays but people with Mana addiction might search for it to infect themselves and those who accidentally travel through the Krozs ruins during the fall might encounter the seeds which will later become the plants.    


The plant has a stem that is around 1-3cm long and is around 1cm in diameter. This stem can grow out of any part of the body. The upper part of the body is more common among bipedal species.   The leaves are commonly between 7-10 cm long, and they are usually linear or lobate. The flowers are between 2-6cm long, and their shapes can differ greatly. The colors of the flowers may also wary.  

Growth Rate & Stages

A living creature will breathe in the tiny seeds of this plant. The seeds will reach the lungs of their new host creature and through the paper thin walls in the air sacks they will follow the oxygen into the blood stream. The seeds will then move through the blood vessels of the living host that it has inhabited, finding nutrients in the blood and growing. It will later stick to a vessel wall until it punctures the vessel and grows up and out through its host's skin, fur, or armor. A small percentage of the hosts will die from bacterial infections during this stage.   It takes around 8 weeks from when the seed entered the host until the young plant punctures its host and reaches the surface. The plant can have several stems and will grow leaves that lie flush to the host's skin, fur, or armor. These stems each have one bud that will bloom after 3 weeks. The flowers can bloom all year round, and the flower head opens and closes depending on if it's day or night.   Each unique flower head seeds during different time periods. This depends mostly on when each head has been pollinated. The plant usually cross-pollinates with the help of insects, but when in a bind, it can self-pollinate.   The flowerhead will close one night and not open for the next couple of days. The flowerhead will then become dry, and when the host moves, the plant spreads seeds. These seeds are tiny and hard to see for the sapient bipedal creatures.   After the plant has started growing outside of the host, it is also growing inside the host. Its roots are spreading, and they will eventually reach the brain or the heart of the host.   This is when the host dies. This won't kill the plant, it will continue growing, and the roots will puncture the skin to reach the ground below their hosts dead body and set roots there.   How long it takes for the roots to reach the heart or the host's brain depends on how many seeds the host ingested during the first infestation period.  


The plant gets its nutrients from the light of the sun, the blood of it's host and it also gathers nutrients from feeding its host mana from the air.   Both the flower and the leaves are very rich in both mana and other vitamins, which lead to some people eating their flowers or sharing them with others. Some people turn down the consumption of these plants on the grounds that it is second-hand cannibalism.
Average Height
The stems: 2cm
The leaves: 8cm
The petals: 4cm
Geographic Distribution


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27 Mar, 2021 19:25

Interesting plant! The way it goes from seeds to actually growing out of the skin of the host while not killing it is quite special. I wonder though why someone would willingly get infected by this plant even though they know they will be killed by it in the end. Or there no other cures for Mana Addiction?

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27 Mar, 2021 20:30

Yeah, I wondered when I created it if it would lead to people dying of blood loss. But my sibling, who is a nurse, said that they wouldn't. For the same reason that you shouldn't pull out a knife if you're stabbed. (until you reach the hospital and they can deal with it)   Like with any addiction there are other cures but those who are severely addicted will seek out any way to get mana even if it might lead to their death. They only care that they "need mana -now-!"

27 Mar, 2021 19:39

This is awesomely disturbing. Very interesting plant

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27 Mar, 2021 20:31

Thank you! :) I will be adding it to my other world (it's private right now until I have all the core articles) later. They have found ways to deal with the plant. XD;;

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
27 Mar, 2021 22:19

This is such a cool plant! I love the idea :D   I love the description you've made of the plant biology and reproduction and all of the details you've put there XD   You don't have a credit for the top picture that I presume you've made yourself (and it's a very pretty illustration!)   I'm wondering about the way the flower helps people since you don't have that much about that. Does it help them regenerate their mana faster? Is it a big advantage in a fight? Could it maybe help the host fight against other diseases? That would be an interesting dilemma, get infected and die later slowly or die now of the disease…   I'm also guessing people have tried to cut it off when it broke their skin, you could add some info about that, maybe some quotes of doctors or patients. Though the biggest problem is the roots, if the flowers cannot get extra manna, light and nutrients it won't grow as fast…   Are people trying to study the plants to control its growth? If the roots can be control, it seems that it would be a great advantage to have the plant. I'm guessing that some people who think themselves clever will want to get infected, thinking they've come up with the perfect solution not to die – or they'll infect other people to experiment first.   I love the "second-hand cannibalism" XD

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28 Mar, 2021 02:20

Thank you :) Yep, like it says down in the credits at the bottom, if it doesn't say anything else it's my art. :) ...I had fun drawing it but feel a bit sorry for her. Might have to write a character article for her. XD;;   Hmm, yeah. I should write that out more clearly somewhere. When your mana pool is full and you ingest more mana you get a "high". Like you're on top of the world and nobody can touch you. This is why some people develop mana addiction. People who aren't addicted to mana will have a higher chance of becoming addicted to mana when they become a host. If you are using your mana the flower will continuously feed you more so essentially it ups a person's mana regeneration. Being a host to a flower makes you generally sicker (the addiction does that too) and the roots can puncture your vitals if you're too reckless. Usually only merchants or travelers leave a village (the only place you are protected from the monsters of the world) and those are the ones who get infected nowadays. They need their mana to protect them from monsters.   People have tried to remove the flowers but the host always dies. The only time they haven't is if they manage to get the host to an ancient no later than a day or two after the plant has punctured the skin. I have thought about adding doctor/ways to die of this plant/or something like that section but I haven't yet. XD ...people don't really have a chance to study it. They can't take it into any villages to study it because then they might infect the village and they can't really study it themselves either because if they are all alone out in the forest they will be killed by the monsters lurking out there. I suppose there should be people who have tried. *ponders*   Hehe, thanks. My sibling wanted me to add that bit. XD

27 Mar, 2021 23:04

Oooh I love this concept! I can imagine how a person might want to infect themselves to get a magical advantage. The only problem is the dying part, but if you find a way to impede root growth, it'll be worth the effort.

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28 Mar, 2021 02:21

Thank you! Yep! :) (That's what my other world who also has this plant has managed)

30 Mar, 2021 09:20

Ooh, very interesting concept! Very creepy while also feeling realistic. Nice work :D

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31 Mar, 2021 00:42

Thank you! :)

16 Apr, 2021 20:31

Hey BD! As expected, fantastic use of colour and images throughout your article. Your article is like the true form of Dani Adventure's Flowering Alseas. I also really appreciate that you've used a large font size that's easy to read but what I truly love is the edge details that are visible in the large header script (such as "Comments" to the top left of the comment entry box). My only suggestion is that you shouldn't feel like that all your images need to go in to the sidebar area. Excellent work!

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Thank you! :D <3 Heh, yeah, it's an aesthetic choice to put all the images in the sidebar for this world. :) other active world (currently in private because I need some important articles done before it goes public) doesn't have any sidebars at all. "Mwuhahaha!" *coughs*

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When you can make your own containers, sidebars are redundant. *joins in diabolical laughter*

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17 Apr, 2021 15:12

Yeeees, yesssss!

17 Apr, 2021 13:05

Eeeeeeek... Is there any way to use mana to suppress its growth and lengthen one's lifespan, or is it entirely uncontrollable, only suited for a last hail mary?

17 Apr, 2021 14:58

Not mana, but there are other ways to suppress the flowers. The people of this world haven't had a chance to develop these measures though. (They are busy protecting themselves from other creatures...and other people. ^^;; )

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