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"Ahh the Gemling... A curious being, almost certainly born of Chaos itself, but don't let that frighten you. I assure you, they are quite harmless!"
  • Thorald Stag-brow, 2574 TE
  • Basic Information


    Gemlings are living forms of gemstones, and as such, the gemstone they are made from is the core of their 'body'. Outside of this, gemlings can vary greatly, both in size and form, depending on the size and shape of their gem. Some appear as small rodent-like beings, while others can appear as giant horrible monstrosities with wings and ten limbs.

    Genetics and Reproduction

    Gemlings have never been observed to reproduce, and seem to be made purely from chaos-infused gems, though no-one has been able to create one under test conditions.

    Growth Rate & Stages

    Gemlings have been known to grow in size if they can absorb extra Chaos somehow, whether by some magic, or by consuming another Chaotic being.

    Ecology and Habitats

    Gemlings mostly live underground, in the dark places of Iatar. They seem to be able to survive anywhere, but none last long out in the open as many wish to collect such creatures.

    Dietary Needs and Habits

    Gemlings do not eat anything except other Chaotic beings, usually smaller gemlings, though do not need to for survival. Curiously, they do seem to get hungry...

    Biological Cycle

    No-one has ever observed the creation of a gemling, and as far as anyone knows, gemlings do not ever die of natural causes, though they can be killed. Depending on what they eat, they may change colours over time.

    Additional Information

    Geographic Origin and Distribution

    Mainly found in mountainous or Chaotic regions

    Average Intelligence


    Perception and Sensory Capabilities

    Gemlings seem to be able to sense the world around them through their Chaos disturbance. Not much is known of this, though they have been observed to be much more afraid of sentient beings compared to non-sentient ones, and can accurately navigate through mazes towards a goal despite having no outward appearance of perceptive organs.
    Average Height
    Average Weight
    Average Length
    Average Physique
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