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Thoth, the revered god of the moon, sacred texts, mathematics, sciences, magic, and the patron of scribes, held a position of great trust among the deities across the multiverse. A seeker of knowledge, Thoth's insatiable curiosity led him to traverse the vast expanse of universes and realms through texts, delving into histories and cultures unknown. In the peculiar Universe hue, an anomaly emerged, with the Greek goddess Athena reigning as its ruler despite not being of Greek origin. Through his meticulous research, Thoth unraveled the truth, confirming that this was indeed Athena. In a profound conversation with the goddess, she revealed a secret of immense significance. Athena was not only connected to other versions of herself but had created a being, God Whispers, who would one day become the protector of Universe 1.   Athena warned of a looming threat, the Crimson King, whose actions could awaken Azathoth, the very creator of existence. This revelation puzzled Thoth, questioning why this being, still unaware of its origins, was destined to save a realm from an event yet to unfold.   In his pursuit of knowledge, Thoth's path crossed with the enigmatic Abraxas, who sought the secrets hidden within his book, the one piece of information she lacked access to. Reluctant to share the coveted knowledge, Thoth refused, leading to an intense battle between the two powerful entities. Through their clash, Thoth came to a profound realization: the spirit confronting him was a fragment of the thought of the true slumbering Abraxas, a force of immense power.   In awe of Abraxas' latent might, Thoth recognized that if such a spirit held such formidable strength, the fully awakened Abraxas would be an even greater force to be reckoned with.   As the multiverse unfolds before him, Thoth stands at the nexus of cosmic secrets, woven into a tapestry of gods, anomalies, and primordial beings. The journey of unraveling the enigmas continues, and Thoth remains a seeker of knowledge, venturing into the depths of the unknown, where the answers lie concealed in the realms of myth and reality.



Advisor (Important)

Towards Abraxas




Leader (Vital)

Towards Thoth



Relationship Reasoning

In the cosmic expanse where realms intermingled, Abraxas, the ancient and powerful primordial, sought out Thoth, the god of knowledge and wisdom. Driven by an insatiable curiosity, Abraxas had become aware of a mysterious universe that lay beyond her understanding. Her desire to unravel its enigmas led her to Thoth, the seeker of knowledge.   Approaching Thoth with an aura of both awe and determination, Abraxas implored him to share the secrets held within his ancient book. This tome, whispered to hold knowledge of realms and dimensions yet unknown to Abraxas, became the focus of her quest for enlightenment.   Thoth, ever the wise and cautious scholar, regarded Abraxas with a thoughtful gaze. He understood the vast power that resided within her, the very essence of creation. Yet, he hesitated to divulge the sacred knowledge contained within his tome, knowing that such revelations could alter the very fabric of existence.   As the cosmic winds danced around them, a profound exchange of words began, each seeking to sway the other to their cause. Abraxas' desire for understanding and Thoth's concern for the delicate balance of the multiverse clashed in a cosmic symphony of ideas and intentions.   Their clash unleashed a cataclysm of celestial forces, their energies intertwining in a mesmerizing display of cosmic power. The fragmented thought of Abraxas wielded raw elemental energy, each strike an echo of the primordial forces that shaped creation. Thoth, master of knowledge and magic, countered with spells of arcane wisdom, but even his profound understanding seemed futile against the chaotic energy unleashed by Abraxas. The battle raged on, shaking the very foundations of existence. As the ancient gods clashed, the fabric of reality itself began to unravel, causing anomalies and distortions throughout the multiverse. The cosmic dance of power and wisdom reached a crescendo, threatening to tip the balance between creation and oblivion.   Abraxas' fragmented thought seemed to anticipate Thoth's every move, his defenses proving inadequate against the sheer force of her onslaught. As the battle wore on, Thoth's resolve began to waver, doubt creeping into his heart. The weight of confronting an enigmatic being beyond comprehension bore heavily on his soul.   Just as the battle seemed poised to reach its climactic conclusion, Thoth found a moment of clarity amidst the chaos. He realized that the key to unlocking the true power of Abraxas lay not in brute force, but in understanding the essence of her existence. With newfound insight, Thoth shifted his approach, seeking to commune with the fragmented thought of Abraxas rather than fight against it.   Through a delicate dance of words and thoughts, Thoth sought to grasp the nature of Abraxas' fragmented consciousness. In a moment of profound connection, Thoth touched upon the core of her being, unlocking the dormant memories and knowledge that resided within.   As the truth of her existence unfurled before Thoth's eyes, he was granted a glimpse of the true power and wisdom locked within Abraxas. In that moment of understanding, Thoth's perspective on the cosmos expanded, and he glimpsed the greater purpose that their battle served.   With newfound empathy and enlightenment, Thoth reached out to the fragmented thought of Abraxas, seeking harmony and coexistence. The cosmic forces that had clashed so violently moments before now intertwined in a mesmerizing dance of unity.   In a radiant burst of light, the cosmic battle ceased, and Thoth and the fragmented thought of Abraxas stood together as one, united in their understanding of the mysteries that lay beyond the realms of comprehension.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Knowledge, and to protect the multiverse from being destroyed or the awakening of Azathoth.



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