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Samael Saklas

Samael Saklas, also bearing the enigmatic alias of Yaldabaoth. Samael, an entity of profound cunning, concealed his true nature beneath the guise of a human being, infiltrating the clandestine ranks of the SCP Foundation. Leveraging his extraordinary capacity to manipulate the very souls of humankind, he skillfully maneuvered his way to the helm of their covert operations, tasked with the formidable mission of seeking out the elusive ten Sefirot stones. Samael's paramount objective is to harness the intrinsic power latent within these enigmatic stones, employing them as a cosmic compass to unearth the hallowed coordinates of the World Tree. This elusive arboreal sentinel holds within its ancient boughs the potential to dissolve the metaphysical shackles restraining Samael from partaking in the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, a formidable restriction imposed by the enigmatic Abraxas.   Once imbued with the potent essence of this forbidden fruit, Samael aspires to liberate his imprisoned progeny, the Crimson King, from the shadowy realm of exile to which Seth, during their titanic battle, had consigned him.


Samael Saklas

Son (Trivial)

Towards Abraxas




Mother (Vital)

Towards Samael Saklas




Samael Saklas remains shrouded in the profound mystery of his origins, his own inception and creation an enigma beyond his comprehension. In his quest for self-knowledge, he remains blissfully unaware that the very source of his existence is none other than the divine mind Abraxas herself, a truth concealed from his awareness   Abraxas harbors a noble objective, one that resonates with the desire to restore power to humanity, a power that was once theirs to wield. Her mission is to seal away the malevolent darkness that resides within the recesses of our collective consciousness, personified by the enigmatic Yaldabaoth. Through this selfless endeavor, Abraxas seeks to usher in an era where the inherent potential of the human spirit can flourish without the shadowy influence of Yaldabaoth's presence.



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