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Mitta, a young SCP guard, was recruited for her exceptional ability to neutralize temporal anomalies, her expertise in combat, and her unparalleled physical strength. Despite having no knowledge of her origins or her true lineage, she is unwavering in her commitment to safeguarding the world from the perilous anomalies that threaten it.   Mitta has made a solemn pledge to put her life on the line when it comes to protecting the vulnerable and maintaining the stability of the world. Within the SCP Foundation, she is regarded as a potent weapon, especially when confronting the most formidable SCPs. Her unique skills are called upon whenever the enigmatic H.A.C.K Agents set out to contain dangerous anomalies, and SCP relies on Mitta to disrupt their missions and maintain control over these enigmatic and unpredictable forces.



Daughter (Vital)

Towards Seth




Father (Vital)

Towards Mitta




Seth harbors a well-kept secret: Mitta is his daughter. He created a separate world for her to grow up in and control. As she matured, Mitta discovered her unusual abilities and inadvertently ventured into Universe One, a realm she knew little about. With no way to go back to her own, in this realm, Mitta came to know Seth as an anomaly associated with the organization H.A.C.K., which she perceived as a significant threat to the world that needed to be stopped.   Despite her formidable capabilities and achievements in defeating some of the most potent SCPs and assisting in their containment, Seth always emerged as a challenge she could never conquer. In their encounters, he consistently bested her, leaving her incapacitated and imparting cryptic messages about a future revelation. Mitta found Seth's actions infuriating, unable to comprehend why he spared her when he could have easily ended her life on numerous occasions.   When the SCP Foundation presented Mitta with the opportunity to enhance her abilities to better contend with Seth, she staunchly declined. She resolved to defeat him through rigorous training, determined to bring him into the SCP Foundation and contain him, even if it meant pursuing this goal to the very end. Her unwavering determination to confront her enigmatic adversary drives her onward, despite the mysteries that shroud her relationship with Seth.



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