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Alan Winterborne

Alan is the owner of the Underground. He doesn't seem like much but he's got a large heart and he cares for his family. If he can, he'll sacrifice what he has left to make sure his family has someplace to lay their heads at night. He is unmarried and helps to take care of his younger sister, Avila Winterborne, and her son, Cal Winterborne.   His practice is to keep his bar going twenty-four seven, all year around. Weather doesn't play into factor and he's hoping his nephew will take up the business when he gets a bit older. He can have a generous heart and doesn't mind an oxlian working at his bar, so long as they keep their head down and stay out of trouble.   Alan serves the Kourian Dominion with open arms and welcomes any and all stroansians into his bar for a stiff drink to relax themselves. He encourages them to come around even more during the Kourian Military recruitment stage as it brings in more customers. While Alan knows that Cal wants to join the Kourian Military, he doesn't push him too hard with taking over the bar in the future. As a retired veteran of the war, Alan gives discounts to any who enter his bar and are serving in the military. His discounts earn his patrons 50% of their tab.   While he knows the farm is on hard times, Alan stops by and helps Cal and Avila with whatever he can. Tending to the crops has always been easy for him; although, the animals still hate him. In fact, all animals hate him. Alan usually shrugs it off and will harvest the crops by hand if if has to, with Cal taking lead with the animals. He constantly tells Avila to sell the farm and come work at the bar with him, as it pays much better and the work is steady without having to break their backs everyday. Avila turns him down constantly whereas Cal stays out of it.

Mental characteristics

Quick Facts
Lawful Neutral
Home Town:
Cis Male
Skin Tone:
6'2" (187.96 cm)
Other Notes
Affiliated Organization, Primary:

Character Portrait image: by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)


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