Hertsogiriik Whispers of Revolution


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The Crimean War escalated as British troops landed on the shores of Livonia and found themselves supported by the local peasantry. With Prussia joining the war to ensure the safety of the Baltic Germans, the United Baltic Duchy was established after the Russian Empire's surrender. The government system of this new state was a compromise between the British, who wished to give the natives more power to prevent it from becoming a German puppet, and the Prussians who hoped to safeguard the privileges and positions of power that the local nobility had enjoyed in the Baltic since the Northern Crusades centuries ago. The result was a land based voting system which split the nation into three main voting blocks, each looking after its own ethnic groups interests.   In addition to the nations internal struggles, Britain and the Kingdom of Prussia both vied to keep the country aligned with them in their spheres of influence and while left embarrassed on the world stage, Russia rebuilds, hoping to one day recover its civilised western provinces, but their tragedy has struck the maimed bear of Europe once again. Tsar Alexander II, the monarch who led Russia to ruin, has been murdered. The fate of the once powerful state now lies in the hands of his son, Alexander III.
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