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Support the World of the Hefflings


These are the free ways to support me and the World of the Hefflings!


Honestly, just by reading, you're supporting, as the words I write are meant to be read. Thank you for reading. If you have a WorldAnvil account (its free), you can add my articles to a reading list. You can also leave likes and comments!


Share my work to your friends, family or whoever you'd think would like the content.


Myself and the world. You can follow me (Heffé) on Twitter, Twitch or WorldAnvil; or all three!
You can follow the World too, by logging in to World Anvil (it's free) then coming back to this world and clicking the follow button below.

Join the Community

The World of the Hefflings has a Discord Server which is open for you to join!
There's already a bunch of lovely people who would welcome you. It is also a good place to get news and updates on the world, as well as a place to give me feedback and to share any suggestions you might have.
  Join the Heffling Discord Server


Here is how you can support me financially!


From £3 a month!
The money you donate will enable me to commission other artists to draw pieces to enhance the world you enjoy reading. It will also be used to feed, water and house me so I can keep writing and working towards this world. Becoming a Patron will also enable exclusive content when they get released. (More on the coming soon)  

Become a Patron!


Every week I stream on Twitch, where I do a whole bunch of things. On Wednesdays, for Worldbuilding Wednesdays, I work on this world; as well as provide help and support on any worldbuilding which you may be working on. WorldAnvil is a toolset which you can build a world, just like I am and many others are too.
Twitch provides a good way to support what I do too. There you can donate Bits, Subscribe or even Gift a subscription to someone else. Money made from these streams goes towards the worldbuilding as much as the money from Patreon.

Thank you

Thank you for reading this and learning how to support my work. Honestly, just by reading this is a step towards supporting me. Don't feel obligated to support via monetary means, it is highly appreciated and I'll do my best not to waste it; but don't ever feel pressured.

Twitch Schedule

Something Sunday; where we do something (often creative) on a Sunday at 5pm GMT/UK time 'til 7:30pm.
  Worldbuilding Wednesdays; where we worldbuild on a Wednesday at 5pm GMT/UK time 'til 8pm.
  Funday Friday; where we have fun playing games on a Friday at 5pm GMT/UK time 'til 8pm (though sometimes later).

Watch my Live Twitch Streams


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