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Stuff that ShyRedFox comes across or helps with, in the help channel. Just writing it down for reference, if I don't see it in the Codex. (AKA my CSS playground.)  
The goal is to record for my own purposes, share what I learn, and encourage others to tinker too. Also, I hope to get more Grandmasters (and up) playing with containers.   I don't know it all, but I love to learn!
  As with anything to do with coding, there are often multiple ways to do things. If you find a better way or discover something cool, I'd love to link back to what you discover! Or if what works on my page doesn't work for you - let's figure it out.
Hacks and Help Updates
Generic article | Jan 21, 2021

1/20 and 1/21/2021 - more author tools - manuscript progress block and list of characters in a book

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