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Falrinitic Bonding

Written by Sirjwinsalot

Falrinitic Bonding is the condition that arises when the material known as Falrinite fuses successfully to the DNA of a Tirinid, Nazdria, or Haloric. This makes them a Calri. This is not possible without the combination of technology and Shol. The Calri High Command have opted for dual strategies to restrict undesireable Tirinids from aquiring this condition. Either restricting their access to Falrinite or using technology to do a full conversion to the robotic. This puts them under the direct control of loyal Calri and prevents them from falling to the undead.   For those that successfully bond to the Falrinite, their Shol is now much more powerful allowing them to cast more spells or less spells with greater power. It also allows them to pilot Shol Exo Armor Suits, or S.E.A.S. for short.   Any revolutionaries using Falrinitic Bonding rather than an external power source must be wary of encountering Calri Patriot models and Royal Guardsmen units because these Calri forces loyal to the emperor, have a high chance of converting said revolutionaries to the Emperor's cause.

Transmission & Vectors

Injection of liquidated Falrinite into the bloodstream of someone with activated Shol will begin the process and last until the user stops Shol use or keeps it on until it fully fuses with their DNA. Once in the DNA unions will pass this trait down to the children.


Although water will not affect the condition after aquired, it must not come into contact with the solution before injection. The Calri Scientific Division is currently baffled by this, however it rarely becomes an issue.


Tattoos appear in the arms or legs or the face depending on the type of Falrinite injected. Portions or all of the body gain cybernetic enhancement. The proportion will depend on the amount injected and the desire of the user.


There is little one can do about this condition if undesired. A reduction of symptoms can be found during Shol Fragmentation.
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital
Affected Species
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