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Firroandara "The Tales of the Sea"

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Ocean World

This world is no ordinary world, for it is almost entirely covered in water. A massive ocean world. There are no continents here, only islands. A general rule of thumb is that the more North you go, the smaller and higher the islands. While the more South you go, the more larger and flatter the lands are.
And under the waves lies a whole other world. Massive sea creatures call the ocean their home, and some can dwarf ships.
Nobody exactly knows how this world came to be, many don't even question it because it's all they have known. The only true ones who do know the true history are the gods themselves. Some signs point towards a world before the great flood. But only the most intellectual of scholars of know this.


During the great flood almost all life was wiped out. Leaving only a few mountain peeks above the water. Yet the years of survival are long gone, thousands of years has passed and the idea of a world before the great flood left the minds of the people. Society has rebuild itself and has changed to fit this world. over the years those mountain peeks changed into settled islands. Either through erosion or magic and the help of desperate gods the people have build cities and kingdoms. Armies clashing is a waste of metal, manpower and another general rule of thumb is that if you control the sea, you control the land. And so it is more advantageous to have a navy then an army.
Fish and sea plants have become a common diet, people have found a way to grow eatable plants on the sea's coast. And even managed to find ways of filtering said water into fresh water. Things like meat, fruits and vegetables are something for the rich. Of course things like beer and wine are still found here, and many cheep acholic drinks are made to satisfy the common folk.
Ships have grown crucial for this society to survive, since they are one of the only ways to travel the great seas. Almost everyone works for something ship related. Yet it isn't uncommon for people to stick to land dwelling. These ships are used for almost everything, hunting, war and most importantly transport of goods and people.
Yet remarkably the world now functions somewhat similar to the our world in around 17th to the 18th century. With wars and petty rivalries, bickering nobles and lowly peasants. The people still use swords and spears, along with flintlock fire arms such as the musket an flintlock pistol.
When the flood struck it was useless to hate other races, since you needed each other to survive. And over the years that bond of sorts has kept. Many people won't bat an eye if they see a dargonborn or an half-orc wandering the streets. And settlements are filled with a mixture of races. Yet some species have isolated themselves. Either because of the flood or because they did it them selves. Races such as orcs or kobolds are rarer, but won't usually be treated with disrespect. Of course there will always be those people.

Notes from Auteur

Greetings! I sincerely hope you will enjoy reading all about this world, this world I mostly used for my D&D campaigns and made this so I wouldn't have to get into a hour long rant telling my all about the world's lore. But that doesn't mean others can't also read all about it.
And my excuses if you spot a spelling or grammar mistake, English isn't my first language and I maybe dyslexic. So you're bound to find a couple here and there.
And because of my busy schedule and very poor attention span, this world is heavily work in process. And things are bound to change, when I eventually maybe get to it.

Doing a total rework of The Dragon Isles!