Sorrow Grape

Sorrow Grapes are best known for their delicate black flowers with red centers. The flavor of the Sorrow Grape's fruit begins tart when immature, progressing through a delicate light flavor before quickly becoming sickeningly sweet when overripe.

Basic Information


Sorrow Grapes are hardy vines with large, sturdy leaves. Their flowers appear as delicate black buds with drop of red in the center, making the flowers a popular sign of mourning and leading to their colloquial name "Sorrow Grapes". After flowering the vines develop juicy red or purple fruit in dense clusters scattered throughout the vine's branches.

Additional Information


Sorrow Grapes are now available to cultivate in multiple varieties of coloration, hardiness, and strength of fruit flavors. All fruits from Sorrow Grape vines maintain the same pre-ripened bitterness transitioning into a delicate flavor during their short ripeness window, finally ending with an overwhelmingly sweet flavor if overripe.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The fruits of Sorrow Grape vines are also called Sorrow Grapes. They can be eaten as a fruit or used to craft beverages including wines. They are also used to make jams and jellies, or dried into raisins. Their seeds can also be utilized to make oils.   The grape has a distinct taste which depends upon the fruit's ripeness at harvesting. They are surprisingly popular before ripening, providing a strong tart flavor with minimal grapes. When ripe the grapes develop a light and airy flavor with a hint of sweetness. The fruits quickly overripen, developing a sickeningly sweet flavor which can easily override all other flavors for several hours after consumption.   Their delicate black flowers with a blood red center make the flowers a popular sign of mourning in various cultures. Flowering Sorrow Grapes are frequently woven into funeral rites and decorations.
Scientific Name
Vitis mournus
Conservation Status
Least Concern

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