Lady Dracona

The legend of Lady Dracona tells the tale of her noble sacrifice to defend her home and family.


According to the stories Lord Dracona was ruler of a small city on the outskirts of a prosperous nation. The neighboring nation grew jealous of the prosperity of the city and attacked, determined to claim it for their own. The attack was sudden and unexpected, and Lord Dracona sent his Lady and their children to safety within the keep before rallying his troops to defend the city.   The battle raged on for several days until finally the attackers breached the walls and began to swarm the city. It was then, when all seemed lost, that a beautiful multicolored dragon launched flight from the keep, devastating the attacking forces while leaving the defenders intact.   The attackers managed to wound the beast, sending it tumbling to the ground, but still it defended the city, its relentless fire forcing the attackers to flee in defeat. Lord Dracona directed his forces to repair the walls and turned his attention to the wounded dragon.   Before his very eyes the wounded beast transformed and there, dying in the square, now lay his mortally wounded wife.

Variations & Mutation

In many versions of the story there is an epilogue. In some Lady Dracona is hailed as a hero for saving the city, prompting a hero's funeral or an annual holiday. In darker versions of the tale she is reviled as a monstrosity despite her sacrifice to save the town, and Lord Dracona murders his own children in case they, too, share her curse.
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