Developed by the Jannadans for use in the Tsekeht, the distripate spell uses Divination to cut into the core of the target individual, forcing them to face and overcome the parts they regret most about themself.   The spell is not cast, but rather has been infused into the Klaaetael journey tree used in the Tsekeht ritual on Jannada. To activate the spell, the candidate must consume the fruit of the plant, which only blooms when subjected to Agrokinesis as part of the ritual.


A complex and violently powerful spell, distripate was created as a means to challenge an individual and help them discover who they are, often by forcing them to face their most traumatic memories or greatest regrets. The experience itself follows similar patters to Dream Walking, except for the use of Divination magic to ensure the spell selects the most fitting Trials for its targets.   The spell seeks to completely dismantle the individual while granting them the pieces to mentally rebuild themself. As such the visions and Trials faced are often echoes and reminders of traumatic events, bitter regrets, or purposely forgotten memories. Those with a predisposition toward Divination may also see visions.

Side/Secondary Effects

Those who experience distripate are never the same as before the experience. In the best cases a Tsekeht candidate will emerge from the Trials with a newfound confidence and self-acceptance, but while that is the preferred outcome it is not the only possibility. Others, when faced with reminders of their past decisions or traumas, discover they no longer wish to move forward through the Trials, and often lead lives afterward wrapped in regrets.   Many fall in the middle, having made progress through their Trials but not quickly enough to complete before the spell wears off by itself. These are permitted to retake the Tsekeht once they feel sufficiently prepared to try again. The spell responds to each individual as who they are once eating the fruit, and those who choose to undergo the Tsekeht multiple times will note the duration and quantity of each Trial is very closely linked to the mental state of their subconscious at the time of the test.
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Effect Duration
Until the target has passed all the Trials, or the sun rises, whichever occurs first.

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Dec 28, 2021 10:46 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Reading this makes me wonder what I would see. I don’t think I want to find out.   This is such a fascinating thing though. Lots of story potential here!

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Oh yeah. I would not want to take these Trials, I think.

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Mmm... Seems it can turn out quite unpleasant... I am not sure I like it...

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It is meant to challenge, and it definitely succeeds.

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